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Different cars have tanks with different capacities.

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Q: How many liters and millimeter does a car gas tank have?
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How many liters of gasoline will it take to fill the gas tank in a car?

That varies dependent on the capacity of the vehicle's tank.

How many liters are in a diesel tank?

There is no one tank, and no one capacity. A small car might have a 35 liter tank, a large car a 70 liter tank. A large truck may have a 370 liter tank.

What is the capacity of a petrol tank?

Which tank? I have a subcompact car with a 10 gallon tank (37 liters) and a Jeep with a 20 gallon tank (74 liters), They come in different sizes.

If a gas tank on a car holds 16 gallons of gas about how many liters does it hold?

16 US gallons = 60 liters 16 UK gallons = 72 liters

How many liters are equal to a millimeter?

"Liter" is a unit of volume. "Millimeter" is a unit of length. If units of volume and length could be converted to each other, then you'd be able to calculate how many inches of gas you put in your car last week, and how many pints tall you are.

How many liters of gas can a 1991 Honda civic hold?

When owning a car it is important to know its fuel tank capacity. The 1991 Honda Civic fuel tank holds 45.04 liters of fuel.

The gas tank of a large car holds 19 gallons of gas appoximatley how many liters of gasoline does it hold?


Would a gasoline tank hold about 40ml or 40L?

On a car, 40 liters.

What is the metric unit to measure the capacity of a car's gas tank?

You use litres to measure the capacity of a car's gas tank.

One gallon is about 3.79 liters a car as a 55liter gas tank what is the capacity of the tank in gallons?

55 liters divided by 3.79 liters per gallon equals: 55/3.79 = 14.5 gallons (approx.).

The gas tank in Sharon and rsquos car can hold up to 16.5 gal of gas. About how many liters of gas can the tank hold (1 L and asymp 1.06 qt)?


How many liters of water does a car use?

minimum 140 liters to wash a car