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There are six possible combinations.

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Q: How many outfits can you wear with 3 shirts and 2 pants?
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How many outfits can you wear with 5 shirts 2 pants and 1 cap?

Assuming that you MUST have one of each, there are 5*2*1 = 10 outfits. But do you have to have a cap?

Matty has 5shirts 6pants and 2 pairs of shoes How many different outfits can he wear if he must wear a shirt pants and shoes. How do you solve this?

All you have to do is multiply them together: 5 shirts x 6 pants x 2 shoes = 60 different outfits.

What are some of the outfits that the figure ice skating people wear?

They usually wear dresses. They can also wear shirts and pants. They always make sure that they can exercise and move really well in them.

How many different ways can you wear 3 blouses and 3 pants?

9 outfits

How many days in a row could a person wear a different outfit if he had 4 shirts 3 pants and 2 pairs of shoes?

Assuming an outfit is one shirt, one pair of pants and one pair of shoes, there are 24 different outfits.

How many different outfits are possible if you have 3 colors of pants 5 colors of shirts and 3 kinds of shoes?

3 x 5 x 3 = 45 If you can wear one each of two different pairs of shoes, then there are four possible items that can be changed: pants, shirts, left shoe, right shoe. The corresponding available options number 3 x 5 x 3 x 3 = 135 outfits.

What do Iranian men wear?

They wear what the westerners wear: pants, dress shirts, jeans, t-shirts, shoes, socks, coats, ...

How many different combinations of outfits with 4 shirts 3 pants 2 ties and 3 boots?

Assuming that you wear one of each every time (including a tie!), and that there are 3 pairs of boots, there are 4*3*2*3 = 72 combinations.

What clothes are worn in autumn?

people prefer to wear clothes that are not to warm and not to light.people wear pants,full sleve shirts trousers and shirts.

What did the immigrants of 1850 wear for clothes?

shirts and pants (for girls, dresses)

What do Irish dancers wear?

dresses for the girls and shirts and pants for the boys

Can Jeremiah denton middle school girls wear skirts?

no 6th graders like me can wear blue shirts,navy blue pants, 7th graders,red shirts,navy blue pants,8th graders,white shirts ,navy blue pants .no skirts,shorts,or cargio