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If a pace measures 1 yard then. A furlong is one eighth of a mile. There are 1760 yards in one mile so there are 220 yards in one furlong. So one furlong equals 220 paces.

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Q: How many paces make up a furlong?
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How many paces make up a football field?

there is 163.63 paces to make up a football field!!

How many feet make up 3 furlongs?

One furlong is equal to 660ft

How many furlongs make up a mile?

There are eights furlongs in a mile.1 Furlong=201.168 meters.

How many paces make up a light year?

A light-year is about 9.5 x 1015 meters. Divide that by the size of your pace in meters. A fairly large pace would be about a meter, but usually paces are somewhat smaller.

A boy on a treasure hunt walks 10 paces west then 20 paces north then 27 paces east. what is the boy s resultant displacement give magnitude and direction?

When we add up the vectors we are left with 17 paces east and 20 paces north. Tan(x) = opp/adj = 17/20 x = 40.4o - remember that this is degrees from North We can then work out the distance using trig or pythagora's theorem. I'll use pythagora's theorem: srt(20^2 + 17^2) = 26.2 paces ok, but is the direction 26.2 paces North? because you have to give magnitude and direction. The magnitude is 26.2 paces The direction is 40.4 degrees we measure degrees clockwise from north - exactly like on a compas or protractor. Thirty

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Why are there 5280 feet in a mile?

The basic concept of the mile originated in Roman times. The Romans used a unit of distance called the mille passum, which literally translated into "a thousand paces." Since each pace was considered to be five Roman feetβ€”which were a bit shorter than our modern feetβ€”the mile ended up being 5,000 Roman feet, or roughly 4,850 of our modern feet. If the mile originated with 5,000 Roman feet, how did we end up with a mile that is 5,280 feet? Blame the furlong. The furlong wasn't always just an arcane unit of measure that horseracing fans gabbed about; it once had significance as the length of the furrow a team of oxen could plow in a day. In 1592, Parliament set about determining the length of the mile and decided that each one should be made up of eight furlongs. Since a furlong was 660 feet, we ended up with a 5,280-foot mile.

What is the fastest marching regiment in the world?

The fastest marching regiment in the world would be The Rifles regiment in the British Army. Marching up to 140 paces per minute normal march and up to 180 paces per minute when in double time; also home to the fastest marching band in the world.

What does it mean when a horse paces or gaits?

most of the time that it is a gaited horse. if it's too pacey then you need to ride it out of it and get it timed up.

How many countries make up the ioc?

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How many pounds make up a key of marijuana?

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How many furlong makes up 1 league?

That's difficult to answer with a hard, concise number.Everybody knows what a 'furlong' is, but the 'league' was never standard, andhas always had different values in different places and at different times.I'm resisting the temptation to go into the history of the 'league' as a descriptionof a distance. I'll just mention that most of the online histories kind of circulatearound the often-mentioned suggestion of 3 miles.If that's true, then . . .-- 1 furlong = 1/8 mile-- 1 league = 3 miles (?) = 24 furlongs

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