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256 pieces exactly.

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Q: How many pieces of 12 x 12 vinyl floor will it take to cover a room 16' x 16'?
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It a room measures 16' by 16' how many pieces of 12 by 12 vinyl floor will it take to cover the floor?

What units are the vinyl 12 by 12 floor tiles? millimeters? yards? millimeters

What are some creative uses for leftover vinyl floor tile?

There are many practical and creative ways to use leftover vinyl floor tile. One can use leftover vinyl floor tile as pieces of art for a wall, as well as for furniture decorations and additions.

How many pieces of 12millimeter by 12 millimeter vinyl flooring for a 16' by 16' floor?

165161 pieces. I suppose you do realise that 12 mm x 12 mm is smaller than a normal postage stamp!

How many pieces of vinyl soffit are in a square?

8 pieces make a square for vinyl soffit. I install it and I know. 12" x 12' piece.

How many pieces of vinyl siding in a box?

It is unclear how many pieces there are in a single box of vinyl siding. However, each box does contain 2 square of siding. That is a coverage amount of 200 square feet.

How many sq yards vinyl flooring will it take to cover the floor?

That will depend in a very fundamental way on the area of the floor. For example, the floor of one room in a doll house, the floor of your bedroom, and the floor of Radio City Music Hall will all require vastly different amounts of vinyl flooring. Here's a way to estimate it: -- Measure the length of the room, in feet. -- Measure the width of the room, in feet. -- Multiply the two numbers, one by the other. -- Divide the answer by 9. The number you have now is the area of the floor, in square yards. The number of square yards of flooring it will take to cover the floor is that same number.

How many layers of vinyl can be on a floor?

If the original vinyl floor is still down solid you are supposed to be able to lay another vinyl floor on top. This requires some specific prep work but it can be done. It is a better idea to just remove the vinyl and start with a clean solid surface to apply the new floor. The more layers, the more potential for problems with the layers lifting

How many tiles needed to cover the floor?

The amount of tiles needed to cover a floor will depend on the size of the floor.

How many squares of vinyl siding to cover 986 square feet?

Depends ENTIRELY on the size of the vinyl squares !

How many 12x12 vinyl tiles will you need to cover 549 square feet?


How many 4x8 pieces of plywood do you need to cover 10x14?

6 pieces of plywood will cover this area without a lot of piecing.

How many pieces of 4x8 plywood needed to do a floor 16x12?