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I believe there are 2 positive three-digit perfect cube numbers, that are even.

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Q: How many positive three-digit perfect cubes are even?
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What are the two positive three digit even perfect cubes?

8x8x8 6x6x6

When can a polynomial is said to be sum or difference of two cubes?

When it is of the form x3 + y3 or x3 - y3. x or y can have coefficients that are perfect cubes, or even ratios of perfect cubes eg x3 + (8/27)y3.

Is it true that all polyhedrons are cubes?

No. Not even all hexahedrons are cubes.

What numbers always have an even number of factors?

All positive integers which are not perfect squares.

Is 0 a positive even number?

0 is even, but not positive.

What is the smallest positive integer that 248832 can be multiplied by in order for the product to be a perfect square?

The prime factorisation of 248832 is 2¹⁰ × 3⁵ Every perfect square number has a prime factorisation where each prime is to an even power. 2 has an even power 3 has an odd power, so need an extra power → multiple 248832 by 3 which gets (2⁵ × 3³)²

What is the word for to cut into very small cubes of even sizes?


How many positive factors square numbers have?

Any positive odd number.For example for p = 17 positive factors, consider n^(p-1) for any integer n.Since p is odd, p-1 is even and so n^(p-1) is a perfect square number.

Do odd numbers always have an odd number of factors?

No. Consider 15: 1,3,5,15 Every positive whole number has an even number of factors, unless the number is a perfect square.

Are perfect squares always even?

Yes they are always even, other wise it would not be a perfect sqare.

Can a cube tesselate?

Sure cubes can tessellate. It's actually very easy to do so with cubes, as they would all have straight sides of even lengths from any angle.

What numbers are squares and cubes of other numbers?

All non-negative numbers (including zero) are real-number squares of other numbers.All numbers (positive, negative, and zero) are cubes of other numbers."Numbers" generally refers to the set of all real numbers. 2 is the square of a real number, √2. √2 is not a whole number. It's not even rational. But it is a real number, and therefore meets the criteria specified. Even pi (π), an irrational number itself, is the square of another real number (√π). The only real numbers that cannot be squares are negative numbers, because squares of negative numbers are always positive, because the product of two negative numbers is always positive. This restriction, however, does not apply to cubes, because if you multiply three negative numbers by each other, the result is negative.Now, for the question you may have meant to ask: "What numbers are squares and cubes of whole numbers (integers)?"It would be impossible to list all squares and cubes of integers, because even when you limit it to integers, there is still an infinite number of numbers, and every one of them has both a square and a cube.Examples of integers, their squares, and their cubes.0, 0, 01, 1, 1(-1, 1, -1)2, 4, 8,(-2, 4, -8)3, 9, 274, 16, 645, 25, 12510, 100, 1000Only a very few numbers, such as 0, 1, and 64, are both squares and cubes of integers. Note that 64 is 43 and also 82. (see the related question)