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You can get 63 questions wrong and get 70%.

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Q: How many questions can you get wrong on a 210 question exam to get a 70 percent?
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How many questions can you get wrong on a 150 question exam and receive 70 percent?

Provided that all 150 exam questions are weighted equally, then 105 correct responses is 70%.

How much questions can you get wrong on your fireguard exam?

All of them - if you are bad enough. You will not pass, but that was not a requirement of the question.

Why do you need to read the questions properly in an exam?

To ensure you understand what the question is. It is possible to misunderstand the question and therefor provide the wrong answer.

What is the common questions on board exam?

Dmitri Mendeleev's demerit is the common question in all the exam's,

There were 40 questions on an exam i got 28 how much did i get wrong?

40 minus 28 = 12 were wrong

Deck cadet exam questin?

There are many questions on the Deck Cadet exam if you have a specific question we can help find an answer.

If you got 21 questions incorrect on an 85 question exam what is the test score?


Where you can get the leaked question paper for tamilnadu 11th std distric level common exam 2014 biology?

stop asking such wrong questions here or anywhere for that matter. Study hard

Is there a family guy episode where someone accidentally sits the wrong exam?

"where someone accidentally sits the wrong exam" ??? Um... what? Perhaps you should rephrase this and perhaps someone can answer your question.

What are the causes of exam failure?

not studying or revising nerves not reading the question properly so you give the wrong answer not understanding the subject turning up for the exam on the wrong day or time!

What does the AINS 21 exam consist of How many questions are on the exam and what types of questions are on the exam?

85 Multiple choice questions, and you have 2 hours to complete the exam.

How many questions are on the bar exam?

There are 200 questions on a bar exam

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