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There are 4 significant figures in this number.

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Q: How many significant figures are in the number 123. 9?
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How many significant figures are in 123?

Three significant figures.

How many significant figures in 123 456?


How many significant figures are 123?

3 of them.

What number has the greatest number of significant figures?

Since you don't give the possible choices, I will give an example: 0.034 123 0.90 0.07003 The answer is 0.07003, which has 4 significant figures. 0.034 has 2. 123 has 3. 0.90 has 2.

What is the percentage of 123 out of 423?

29.1% if you want it to the right amount of significant figures

How many groups of ten are in the number 1230?

123. 1230/10 = 123.

How many significant digits are in the number 0.1020?

Significant digits are digits that provide useful information, for instance 123 has 3 significant digits and 30010 has 4 significant digits. So basically zeros aren't significant unless they are between two other numbers. 0.1020 has only 4 significant digits. A+: 4

What is 123 to 1 significant figure?

It is: 100

What do significant figures tell us about a measurement?

Used properly,they tell us how precise it is. The rule of thumb for significant figures is "every digit you're sure of, and one you're not". So if you're positive something is 123 and a bit, you could do 123.3 or 123.7 or whatever based on your best guess to the last digit.

Which is not Fibonacci number 89 or 123?

123 is not a Fibonacci number.

What is half of the number 246?


Is 123 a prime or composite number?

123 is not a prime number because it is divisible by 41 and 3. (123/41=3 and 123/3=41)A prime number is any number that is only divisible by two factors, one and itself.123 is a composite number because its factors are 1, 3, 41, and 123.

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