How many three fifths are in two?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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3.3333333333 +/- .000000003

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Q: How many three fifths are in two?
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What is five minus two and three fifths?

Two and two fifths. Five minus two and three fifths = two and two fifths

What fraction is greater than two fifths?

There are infinitely many fractions greater than two fifths; the most obvious answer would be three fifths. A half is also greater than two fifths.

What is one minus three fifths?

two fifths

What is three and three fifths plus one and two fifths equal?


What is 15 three fifths plus two fifths?

47 fifths or 9 and 2 fifths

How many fifths in three fifths?


If you subtract three fifths from seven what do you get?

Six and two fifths.

What is half of two and three fifths?

half of two equals onehalf of two + three fifths = 1 3/5 = 1.6

How many pieces are in three-fifths of a whole?

Three fifths of a piece.

What is four minus two and two fifths?

I believe the answer is ; one and three fifths. Thanks!

How many fifths are in three and one fifths?


What is two-fifths times three-fifths?

0.24 or 6/25