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48 triangles

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Q: How many triangles are in a triangle with 25 triangles inside?
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What kind of triangle is 25 and a 90 degree angle?

Those triangles with 25 and 90 degree angles are called right angle triangle.

How many triangles exist with the angle measurements 40 25 115?

40° + 25° + 115° = 180°, which is the correct total for the angles (in degrees) of a triangle. There are infinitely many triangles with those angles.

How many triangles has a 25 sided polygon?

It has 23 triangles

How many triangles are in a 25 sided polygon?

23 of them because total angles are (25-2)*180 = 4140 degrees

If Triangle R'S'T' has sides of 3 cm 4 cm and 5 cm. And triangle RST has sides of 12 cm 16 cm and 25 cm. what is the dilation of the triangles?

The 1st is a right angle triangle and the 2nd is a scalene triangle.

What kind of triangle has two sides with length 15 and one side with length 25?

isoscelesAs regard their sides, triangles may beScaleneIsoscelesEquilateralAnd in regard to their angles, triangles may beAcuteRightObtuseEquiangularA triangle is scalene if all of its three sides are 'different'.If only two of its sides are equal, the triangle is called isosceles.A triangle with all three 'equal' sides is called equilateral.So, a triangle with a length of 15 on two sides and a length of 25 on the third side would be Isosceles, since two of the sides are the same.

How many triangles are in a 27-gon?

25 triangles.The number of triangles in a polygon is always 2 less than the number of sides it has.

How many triangles can you make if you are giving the length 25 and 18?

As many as you want. The length of the third side can be anything between (25 + 18) and (25 - 18).

What triangle has 25 degrees?

Many triangles can have 25° angles. In a right triangle, for example, where one of the non-90° angles is 65°, the other must be 25°. Note: If this question is from work you have been assigned by a teacher or professor, I suggest you do the work yourself instead of trying to find the answers online. This will help you to better understand the material and become more familiar with it. Of course, if this question was not from homework, you can disregard this message.

Can a right triangle have two angles that measure 25 and 60?

no. the angles in a triangle must add up to 180 degrees. The right triangles must have an right angle (90 degrees). If you add up all the angles they will not measure 180 degrees.

Does any obtuse triangle have a greater area than any acute triangle?

No.Finding an obtuse triangle that does not have a greater area than any acute triangle will show the statement is false:Consider the obtuse triangle with sides 25, 25, 40 cm; andthe acute triangles with sides 2, 2, 2 cm and 40, 40, 40 cmArea of (A) obtuse triangle = 40 x 12 ÷ 2 = 240 cm2Area of (B) acute 2, 2, 2 cm triangle = 2 x √3 ÷ 2 = √3 cm2 ~= 1.7 cm2Area of (C) acute 40, 40, 40 cm triangle = 40 x (20 x √3) ÷ 2 = 400 x √3 cm2 ~= 692.8 cm2So you can clearly see that area of acute triangle (C) is greater than that of obtuse triangle (B) which is greater than acute triangle (A).Thus the area of obtuse triangle (B) is not greater than that of any acute triangle.(Obtuse triangle A has angles approx 37o, 37o, 106o, whereas triangles B and C are equilateral acute triangles with angles 60o, 60o, 60o.)

What is the answer to triangle puzzle for Professor Layton and the Curious Village?

The answer to puzzle number 25 the equilateral triangle may be the answer you requested. The location is the restaurant and the character is Flick. For the solution: Take the 3 corners, and just place them on the opposite side of the triangle. The answer to puzzle number 16 the triangles and ink puzzle may be the answer you requested. Since you only have to draw 21 triangles the correct answer is seven. The location is the town hall and the character is Rodney. 7 Please see the Related links below for a walkthrough of puzzles 25 and 16.

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