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Q: How many triangles will be formed in 100 sided polygon if the diagonals are drawn from a single vertex?
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How many triangles will be formed if you draw diagonals from a single vertex of a convex polygon with 8 sides?

It is: 8-2 = 6 triangles

What is the maximum number of triangle that can be formed from a decagon from a single vertex?

It is: 8 because 8 triangles make up a 10 sided polygon

How many triangles are in an 11 sided polygon?

Any n-sided regular polygon, by joining a single vertex up to each of the others, will have a total of (n - 2) triangles inside. In this case, an 11-sided polygon will contain 11 - 2 = 9 triangles.

What is a polygon that is made up of 22 triangles?

Assuming ALL 22 triangles are congruent, this would be a 22-gon, also known as an icositedigon

What is the maximum number of triangle that can be formed in a regular octagon by drawing all posaible diagonals from a single vertex Expain your response?

6 triangles because there are 180 degrees in a triangle and 6*180 = 1080 degrees which is the sum of the angles in octagon when added up.

What type of geometric figure is formed by the intersection of a line and plane?

a polygon a polygon * * * * * No it is not! If the line is in that plane then it is the whole line. If not, it is a single point.

What is the first thing you need to know about the polygon to find its area?

Whether or not it is regular. If it is regular then there is a single formula that can be used. If not, the polygon needs to be split up into triangles or quadrilaterals whose areas will need to be computed individually and then added together.

Would an arrow be a polygon?

No, an arrow is not a polygon. A polygon is a closed shape formed by straight lines. An arrow has a pointed end and a tail, which does not meet the definition of a polygon.

How many diagonals can come from a single vertex?


What is the sum of interior angles of a 17 sided polygon?

The sum of the interior angles of a 17 sided polygon add up to 2700 degrees.

Is boxes a polygon?

No, a polygon must be 2 dimensional and lie on a single plane.

How diagonals intersect at a given vertex that is n-gon?

A 3-gone does not have diagonals. The two diagonals of a 4-gon meet at a point. For all values greater than 4, the diagonals of an n-gon need not necessarily meet at a single point.