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Answer: 2

The values are 0 or 1.

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Q: How many unique values are possible using a single binary digit?
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How many values are possible using a single binary digit?

Answer: 2The values are 0 or 1.

How many unique values are possible using a number consisting of thirty two binary digits?

It would be 2 raised to the power 32: 4,294,967,296.

What is the largest number that can be represented by a single bit in binary?

1. A single bit can represent two different values, 0 and 1. Then simply take the largest of those two possible values, 1, and that's your answer.

What are the two possible values of a binary bit?

0 & 1

What is data that can only be one of two possible values?

A binary variable.

How do you count all structurally different possible Binary Trees?

please tell me answer of this question. Suppose you are building an N node binary search tree with the values 1...N. how many structurally different binary trees is there that store those values? write a recursive function that, gives the number of distinct values, computes the number of structurally unique binary search trees that store those values. For example, countTrees(4) should return 14, since there are 14 structurally unique binary search trees that store 1,2,3 and 4. The base case us easy, and the recursion is short but dense. your code should not construct any actual trees; it's just a counting problem.

What is meant by binary valued quantities?

Binary-valued quantities can be 0 or 1, true or false, right or wrong. There are only 2 possible values.

Why binary numbers need more places for counting?

Since a binary digit has only two possible values, each digit bears less information than in decimal, where each digit can have ten different values.

A network engineer wants to represent confidential data in binary format what are the two possible values he can use?

4 and 6

What is a special kind of raster image that has only two possible color values black or white?

Binary image (i think)

What is the binary number of the decimal value 181?

The binary values is 10110101.

Why does a decimal value waste memory space?

Decimal (more formally, binary coded decimal) values store numeric information as digits encoded using the four bit binary equivalents: 0 (0000) to 9 (1001). That means a single byte can hold values between 0 and 99. But simply using the same byte to hold a binary value will yield values between 0 and 255 (or –128 and +127).