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0.30 * $57.95

= $57.95 - $17.385

= $40.57

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Q: How much would be paid on an item with an original price of 57.95 discounted at 30 percent?
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What is the original list price if the discount is 35 and the discount rate is 10 percent?

If the discounted price is $35, then you must reverse the process to find the original price. The original price would be 38.99 dollars.

Original cost of an item after two discounts given the final price of what would be the correct formula?

You take your final price and divide it by the difference in percentage. Then take that figure and divide it by the final discounted difference in percentage.Here is how you arrive at the final discounted price.So, it the store gives you a 10% and 15 % discount off the original price you would multiply the original price by .10 to get the first discounted price. Then you would multiply the new discounted price by .15 for the final discounted price.Here is how to undo the math to arrive back at the original price.If all your given is the final price and the discounted percentages, you would divide the final price by 90% and then take that price and once again divide by 85%.

If something is 13.95 dollars how much is it if its 40 percent of?

The new discounted price would be $8.37.

What is the price rangr if a tv between 800 and 1200 TVs are on 20 percent off?

The discounted price range would be $640.00 to $960.00

How would you find the price of a discounted item if you only know the percent of the discount?

You could not. You need to know the pre-discount price as well.

What is percent discount?

Answer: "The percentage used to discount the price of something for sale." For example: If the percent discount of a product/service is 15% or (15 percent), then it would be calculated as follows: Price: 50$ Discount: 15% (to convert to decimal, divide 15 by 100 = .15) Discounted Price: 50 - (50 * .15) = 50 - 7.5 = 42.50 <--this is the discounted price or the lower price the customer would pay for the product/service.

A 5 percent discount of an item and subsequent 3 percent discount is the same overall 8 percent discount?

Not necessarily. It depends on whether the 3% is based on the already discounted price or the original full price: eg original price 100, less 5% = 95. Taking 3% off this is a further 2.85 giving a new nett of 92.15. A straight 8% would leave 92 exactly...

Why is 20 percent off an item plus an additional 20 percent off not 40 percent?

Because the second discount refers to the already-discounted price, not to the original full price. Example: -- The item was originally priced at $100. -- It was discounted 20%, and that brought its price down to $80. -- If it's discounted again later, then the second 20% discount will be 20% of $80, not 20% of $100. 20% of $80 is $16, so the second discount will reduce the price to $64. -- If it had been reduced from $100 all the way to $64 in one cut the first time, that discount would have been 36% .

What is 40 percent off of 250 dollars?

The 40% would be $100, so the discounted price is $250 - $100 = $150.

A clothing store is having a sale A shirt normally sells for 30 The store is offering a 15 percent discount What is the discounted price?

$25.50 would be the price

Skateboard is 89 dollars 30 percent off what is the discount price?

30% discount on $89 is $26.70. The discounted price would be $89 - $26.70 = $62.30

What does discounted price mean?

If a price reflects discount, the discount has already been applied.