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I believe a ten year old would be 41 years old.

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dont know

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Q: How old would a ten year old be in mercury years?
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How old would be a twelve year old be in mercury years?

It would be exactly 5 years old. See, Mercury goes slower and its colder there.

How old will a 9 year old be in planet mercury?

A year for Mercury is 88 days. Earth's year is 365 days. The nine year old would have lived 3285 days on Earth. On Mercury, that would translate to 37.329 years for a nine year old earthling.

How old would a thirteen year old be on mercury?

I did some research, and since Mercury is closest to the sun it is hotter and Mercury orbits faster than Earth, so I read that Mercury is 41 years ahead of Earth, so a thirteen year old would be 54 years old on Mercury or in other words, "mercury years."

How old are you on merkury if you are 10 years old?

There is no such English word as "merkury". However, if you lived on the planet Mercury, and were 10 Mercury years old, you would be about Two and a half (2.41) Earth years old. This is because a Mercury year lasts 87.969 Earth days.

How old would a 13 year old be on mercury?

If someone could live on Mercury and still used an Earth clock, they would be the same age, 13 Earth years.However, if you lived there and had measured your age as 13 Mercury years, you would be just 3 Earth years old. Mercury's year, the time it takes to go around the Sun, is only about 88 days. So 13 Mercury years would be 13 x 88 or just 1144 Earth days (3.13 Earth years). Mercury completes an orbit 4 times while Earth is making just one.Conversely, if you moved to Mercury and wanted to express your age here (13 Earth years) in Mercury years, you would say that you were almost 54 Mercury years old (You are 4745 Earth days old, which is 53.9 Mercury years).

How old would a twelve year old person would be in mercury?

To get to Mercury you have to wait for 10,000 years to get there, so it would be 10,000 plus 12 22,000 is gonna be your age when you arrive, so that means that no one can get to Mercury, Only space probes, Space probes travel so fast that they get to Mercury in one day!!!!! A 12 year old mercurian would be 12 years old - just that their year is shorter than our (earth) year. Mercury orbits the sun in approx 88 earth days so for every earth year, the mercurians would experience approx 4.15 mercurian years. So in the time someone reaches 12 years old on earth, a mercurian would have reached approx 49.81 mercurian years old. But as the mercurian day is approx 2/3 a mercurian year, a 12 year earthling is approx 4380 earth days old, whereas the 49.81 mercurian is only about 75 mercurian days old.

How old would someone be if they were one on earth and on mercury for ten years?

they would be 3.4 bar years old. in mercury years they would be 14.09 bar years old.

How old would a 16 year old be on mercury?

Ignoring relativistic time changes due to differences in planetary velocity and gravity, A sixteen year old would still be sixteen (just because you transport them to mercury doesn't mean they all of a sudden age or get more youthful). However sixteen earth years would be equal to 66.4 mercury years. Sixteen mercury years would be equal to 3 years 10 months and 6 days.

How old would a 3 year old be on Mercury?


How old is a 9 year old on mercury?

IF you mean "How many times would Mercury complete its orbit about the sun" in 9 Earth Years (A year is approximately 365.25 days) the answer is simple. Mercury would complete 37.35 full orbits. Mercury completes an orbit once every 88 days. Based on this a person would likely not reach puberty until age "54." Average lifespan on Terra (Earth) is 77 years. You ccould expect to see about 320 orbits in a lifetime.

How old would you be if on mercury if im 10 now?

To get that answer, you multiply your age by 4. So if you were 11 on Earth, you would be 44 on Mercury.

How old ismy mercury 9.8 serial 6041359?

A Mercury 9.9hp, serial number OD265382, is a 1993 year model.