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Along any edge

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Q: How would you slice the cube to get a square cross section?
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What would the cross section of a square pyramid be?

Depending on the inclination of the plane used for the cross-section, it could be a square, rectangle, trapezium, triangle.

What shape would you have if you made a horizontal cross-section of a square pyramid?

a square

What is the cross section of a basketball?

A basketball is a sphere so a cross-section would be a circle.

What is a cross section of a basketball?

A Basketball is a sphere so a cross-section would be a circle.

What is a meant by cross section?

Imagine that you wanted to cut a globe or a sphere exactly in half. When you looked at the cut you would see an exact circle on both pieces. This area would be the cross-section. You could work out the area of this cross-section by using A = Pi X r squared. But be careful. Don't assume that the cross sectional area is the same no matter where you cut. If you cut the globe at some other point, say near to the edge, the cross-section (the circular area that you would see) would be a lot smaller. You would come across a uniform cross-section if you cut a cable. No matter where you cut the cable the cross-section should be roughly the same. Also cross section doesn't have to be circular. The cross-section you get really depends on the original shape you are dealing with. If you cut a cube in half, you would get a square cross-section. So I guess you could imagine the term as applying to cutting across (hence cross) something to reveal 2 sections (hence section).

What is 2 squares and 4 rectangles as a 3d shape?

A square cross-section cuboid would fit the given description

Can a cube be a rectangular prism?

A cube cannot be a rectangular prism, as the cross section of this prism would be a rectangle, as opposed to a square. A square prism (if that is what it is called) could be a cube, but is not necessarily.

Why wire size in square mm?

That would refer to the cross-section. A wire that has twice the diameter of another wire would have 4 times the cross-section - and therefore 4 times as much weight per meter, and 4 times as much current-carrying capacity.

What is The Cross Section of a Cylinder called?

Ellipse * * * * * At right angles to the length, it would be a circle. Along the length it would be a rectangle. Only a diagonal cross section would be an ellipse.

What is ellipsoid?

An ellipsoid * is a three dimensional figure which is symmetrical around three perpendicular axes * has a cross-section in one plane which is a a circle, and the other planes cross-sections are ellipses. In other words, it is an egg-shaped object. If you can stand an egg upright and you slice it through the middle parallel to the tabletop, you will see a circle, no matter where you slice. If you were instead to slice downwards vertically in any direction you would see an ellipse.

If you had a cross section of a lighting bolt what would its shape be?


When a prism is sliced through how will the cross section look?

A prism is a generic term which refers to a 3-dimensional object with two congruent faces which are joined together by a face or faces. A cylinder, for example, is a crystal. Furthermore, the shape of the cross section depends on the inclination of the slicing plane.

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