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Acceleration is zero since 55 mph is velocity and it is constant. Acceleration is defined as the rate of change in velocity. The speed is the absolute value of velocity so it is also 55.

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Q: If A car travels down the highway at 55 mph its speed is what and its acceleration is what?
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A car travels up a hill at a constant speed of 45 km perh and returns down the hill at a constant speed of 61 km per h Calculate the average speed?


What is the nature of distance time graph for the motion of an object moving with a changing speed?

An incline represents acceleration, a straight line represents a constant speed and a decline represents slowing down.

Does the average speed depend on the steepness of the inclined plane?

Assuming you are asking about an object that is placed on an inclined plane and the only forces acting on it are gravity and friction; as the slope of the plane increases, more of gravitational force is applied down the plane and less of the frictional force is applied to the object up the plane. Unless there is no frictional force, until the plane reaches a certain critical slope the gravitational force will not overcome the frictional force and the object will not move, and the average speed for the object will be zero regardless of the slope of the plane (below this critical slope). As the slope increases there is an increase in the net force on the object down the plane which results in a higher acceleration down the plane, and with a higher acceleration it will reach a higher speed and so the average speed of the object down the plane will be higher. So, yes, it can be said that the average speed of an object down an inclined plane is dependant on the slope of the plane. If there are other forces involved, for example a motor, then the average speed will depend on these forces as well as the slope.

Can velocity be 0 but speed not 0?

Speed and Velocity are two words that mean the same. You may mean, "Can Velocity be 0 but acceleration not 0". Yes, this occurs when a moving object is changing direction (say from moving forwards to moving backwards) or is just about to move or, at that very instant has just come to a halt. In all these cases, speed /velocity is zero but the body is accelerating. Don't forget, the word acceleration is also used when an object is decelerating (slowing down).

How can math be used in snowboarding?

You can calculate the acceleration (speed) you will go on down a slope at any given place, you can calculate the fastest you can possibly go, you can calculate how far you will be able to jump off of ramps, and you can predict how much time you will need to slow down. There are lots of ways math can be used in snowboarding.

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What happens to your speed if you have a negative acceleration do you speed up or slow down?

If you have a negative acceleration, you are slowing down. Acceleration is the rate of change of speed, so a negative acceleration means a decrease in speed.

If your speed slows down you will have what acceleration?

If your speed slows down, yYou will have negative acceleration or deceleration.

What is the difference between speed and accelaration?

Speed is the rate at which an object moves, while acceleration is the rate at which the speed of an object changes. Speed is a scalar quantity (has magnitude only), while acceleration is a vector quantity (has magnitude and direction).

What is positive negative and zero acceleration is?

positive acceleration is when things speed up; negative acceleration is when things slow down; and zero acceleration is when things do not speed up or slow down, this is called constant speed, or no change in velocity.

Does the distance a toy car travels down a ramp affect its speed?

yes This is because of the fact that gravity is a measure of acceleration. The longer the car has to accelerate the faster is will be by the end.

How can you identify how quickly speed is changing?

You can identify how quickly speed is changing by calculating acceleration, which is the rate of change of speed over time. Acceleration can be calculated using the formula: acceleration = (final speed - initial speed) / time. A positive acceleration indicates speeding up, while a negative acceleration indicates slowing down.

What does decceleration mean?

Deceleration refers to a decrease in speed or a slowing down of motion. It is the opposite of acceleration, where an object is gaining speed.

What is the acceleration of a car that is going at a steady speed of 60 mph?

The acceleration of a car moving at a steady speed of 60 mph is zero. Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity, and if the car is maintaining a constant speed, then there is no change in velocity, hence no acceleration.

What is the difference between acceleration and deceleration?

Acceleration means speeding up or getting faster. Deceleration means losing speed or speed rate decreasing. 'Celer' is the Latin word for fast or speedy. - Answer Deceleration is the loss in speed or slowing down. Acceleration is the increase in speed.

Why would highway workers be against rasing speed limits?

Well you see considering that highway workers work on the highway and if the speed limit was raised, then there's more of a possibility of a car "flying" down the highway and hitting the highway worker

If your speed changes from 10 kmh to 6 kmh you have a(n) acceleration. positive or negtive?

if your speed is in the positive direction you are slowing down and acceleration is the opposite direction and is negative acceleration.However if your speed is the negative direction ( like running backwards) and you slow down then acceleration is in the opposite direction and positive.In your case if speed is 10 kmh positive going to 6kmh then acceleration is negative

What is Acceleartion?

acceleration is changes in speed slowing down and speeding up.