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2 meters / 5 = 0.4 meters. (0.4 meters) * ( 100 cm/meter) = 40 cm

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Q: If Chester has a ribbon that is 2 meters long he wants to cut it into 5 equal pieces how many centimeters long will each piece be?
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Can Freddie have a length of a ribbon that is 3 meters long then If she cuts off a piece that is 242 centimeters long how much will she have left?

the answer is 58 cm,Or3 meters in two pieces

What measurement would you use to measure the length of a piece of ribbon?

Meters, centimeters, or millimeters.

How many pieces each 2.6dm long can be cut from a piece of ribbon 30 meters long?

30m/2.6dm = 30m/0.26m = 115.3.. ie 115 pieces.

How many 10cms pieces of ribbon can you cut from 2.5 meters?

1 metre = 100 cm 2.5 metres = (2.5 times 100) = 250 cm If each piece is 10 cm, there can be (250 divided by 10) pieces = 25 pieces, provided no ribbon is wasted in the process of cutting.

A roll of ribbon 4 meters long was cut into 20cm lengths?

I am assuming that you want to know how many lengths that you have. 4 Meters equals 400 cm. 400 divided by 20 equals 20 pieces.

A ribbon is 2 meters long it is cut into 6 pieces What is the length of each piece round to the nearest tenth?

2 inches

How many cm pieces of ribbon can be cut from a 27 meter roll?

A total of 2700 pieces of ribbon measuring 1 cm.

How much does 3.25 meters of silk ribbon cost if 0.8 meters of the same ribbon costs 5.60?

It will cost 22.75 in total.

How many pieces of ribbon each 3.2cm long can be cut from a spool of ribbon 15 m long?


Meg has 18 feet of ribbon that she wants to divide into of a foot pieces. How many of a foot pieces are there in 18 feet?

If you have 18 feet of ribbon and you want to cut the ribbon every 12 inches which is a foot. You will have 18 twelve inch pieces. if I am understanding your question correctly. Eighteen feet would equal 18 one foot pieces.

How many yards is 3.6 meters of ribbon?

3.6 metres = 3.937 yards - of ribbon or anything else.

How many pieces are there if you cut an eighty inch ribbon and a thirty two inch object into equal pieces?

In order for there to be equal pieces, the length of the pieces must be factors of both the length of the ribbon and the object. Thus, there are actually many answers. For example: 2,4,6,8, and 16 inch pieces both work.

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