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If a set of ordered pairs is not a relation, the set can still be a function.

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Q: If a set of ordered pairs is not a relation can the set still be a function?
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Is a function a relation if and only the x-values do not repeat in a given set?

No. If an x-value is repeated but both values have the same image, you can still have a valid function. x values not repeating is not sufficient if there is no image. For example, consider 1/x and the domain as the integers -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3. None of the x values repeats but there is no functional relationship because 1/x is not even defined for x = 0.

What function is integrable but not continuous?

A function may have a finite number of discontinuities and still be integrable according to Riemann (i.e., the Riemann integral exists); it may even have a countable infinite number of discontinuities and still be integrable according to Lebesgue. Any function with a finite amount of discontinuities (that satisfies other requirements, such as being bounded) can serve as an example; an example of a specific function would be the function defined as: f(x) = 1, for x < 10 f(x) = 2, otherwise

Is the inverse of a linear function not a function?

The inverse of a linear function is always a linear function. There are a few ways to approach this.To think about it, you can imagine flipping the x and y axes. Essentially this equates to turning the graph of the linear function on its side to reveal the new inverse function which is still a straight line.More rigorously, the linear function y = ax + b has the inverse equation x = (1/a)y - (b/a). This is a linear function in y.

How many perpendicular faces does a pentagonal prism have?

A pentagonal prism has only 7 faces. Each of the five lateral faces is perpendicular to the two bases: that makes 10 pairs of mutually perpendicular faces. In general, the lateral faces are not perpendicular, but four of them may be perpendicular to one or more of its neighbors - at most 4 more pairs. Still not 25!

What is the difference between a linear and exponential function?

A linear function grows ( or shrinks) at a constant rate called its slope.An exponential function grows ( or shrinks) at a rate which increases(or decreases)over time. From a practical standpoint linear growth (or shrinkage) is simple and predictable. Exponential growth is essentially out of control and unsustainableand exponential decay soon becomes negligible.if y=az + b then y is a linear function of z. If y=aebz then y is an exponential function of z. If y= acbz then y is still an exponential function of z because you can substitute c=ek (so that k=logec) to give you y=aekbz .

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When is function a relation?

A relation is when the domain in the ordered pair (x) is different from the domain in all other ordered pairs. The range (y) can be the same and it still be a function.

How would you determine from a list of ordered pairs whether it is a function?

When the value of one variable is related to the value of a second variable, we have a relation. A relation is the correspondence between two sets. If x and y are two elements in these sets and if a relation exists between xand y, then we say that x corresponds to y or that y depends on x, and we write x→y. For example the equation y = 2x + 1 shows a relation between x and y. It says that if we take some numbers x multiply each of them by 2 and then add 1, we obtain the corresponding value of y. In this sense, xserves as the input to the relation and y is the output. A function is a special of relation in which each input corresponds to a single (only one) output.Ordered pairs can be used to represent x→y as (x, y).Let determine whether a relation represents a function. For example:1) {(1, 2), (2, 5), (3, 7)}. This relation is a function because there are not ordered pairs with the same firstelement and different second elements. In other words, for different inputs we have different outputs. and the output must verify that when the account is wrong2) {(1, 2), (5, 2), (6, 10)}. This relation is a function because there are not ordered pairs with the same firstelement and different second elements. Even though here we have 2 as the same output of two inputs, 1 and 5, this relation is still a function because it is very important that these inputs, 1 an 5, are different inputs.3) {(1, 2), (1, 4), (3, 5)}. This relation is nota function because there are two ordered pairs, (1, 2) and (1, 4) with the same first element but different secondelements. In other words, for the same inputs we must have the same outputs. of a but

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The relationship between two variables is called a relation. A relation in which a set of input values maps onto a set of output values such that each input corresponds to at most one output is called a "function." Functions do not necessarily have to be lines; they do not even have to be exponential, or parabolic, or continuous. A bunch of scattered points or lines that meets the requirements can still be considered a function involving two variables.

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