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the length is 5 and the height is 2 or also known as 5x2

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Q: If the perimeter of a rectangle is 14 inches then its area is 10 inches?
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What is the total of a rectangle with 6 inches wide and 10 inches long?

I don't know what you're asking, so I'll list both the area and perimeter Perimeter: 10+6+10+6 = 32 inches Area: 10*6 = 60 inches

What is the perimeter of a 10cm square?

What is a rectangle were the area is 10 and the perimeter

What is the perimeter of a square 8 inches long 10 inches wide?

That is not a square, it is a rectangle and it has a perimeter of 36 inches.

If same area in a rectangle does that mean same perimeter?

No. For example, a 4x1 rectangle will have an area of 4 and a perimeter of 10. A 2x2 rectangle will have the same area of 4, but a perimeter of 8.

Can a rectangle have a smaller perimeter and also a greater area?

Yes. For instance, the rectangle measuring 1 by 10 has a perimeter of 22 and an area of 10, whereas the rectangle measuring 4 by 4 has a perimeter of 16 and an area of 16.

What is the perimeter of a rectangle with the length of 3 inches and the width of 2 inches?

10 inches

What is The perimeter of the rectangle is what inches?

It is 1+4+1+4 = 10 inches.

A rectangle has a perimeter of 10 ft Write the area A of the rectangle as a function of the length of one side x of the rectangle?

This question has no unique answer. A (3 x 2) rectangle has a perimeter = 10, its area = 6 A (4 x 1) rectangle also has a perimeter = 10, but its area = 4 A (4.5 x 0.5) rectangle also has a perimeter = 10, but its area = 2.25. The greatest possible area for a rectangle with perimeter=10 occurs if the rectangle is a square, with all sides = 2.5. Then the area = 6.25. You can keep the same perimeter = 10 and make the area anything you want between zero and 6.25, by picking different lengths and widths, just as long as (length+width)=5.

What is the perimeter and area of a rectangle that has a length of 12 inches and a width of 10 and a half inches?

Perimeter = 2*(L + W) = 2*(12 + 10.5) = 2*22.5 = 45 inches. Area = 12*10.5 = 126 square inches.

Can a rectangle have a greater perimeter than another one but have a greater area too?

yes it can; a rectangle 5 by 2 has perimeter 14 and area 10 for example; a rectangle 10 by 2 has perimeter 24 and area 20, both greater.

A rectangle has a width of 10 inches and an area of 5 square inches what is the length of the rectangle?

10 inches

How many inches in 10 inch by 3 inch rectangle?

A 10 inch by 3 inch rectangle has a perimeter of 26 inches. Its area is measured in square inches, not inches.

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