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This question has no unique answer. A (3 x 2) rectangle has a perimeter = 10, its area = 6 A (4 x 1) rectangle also has a perimeter = 10, but its area = 4 A (4.5 x 0.5) rectangle also has a perimeter = 10, but its area = 2.25. The greatest possible area for a rectangle with perimeter=10 occurs if the rectangle is a square, with all sides = 2.5. Then the area = 6.25. You can keep the same perimeter = 10 and make the area anything you want between zero and 6.25, by picking different lengths and widths, just as long as (length+width)=5.

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Q: A rectangle has a perimeter of 10 ft Write the area A of the rectangle as a function of the length of one side x of the rectangle?
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The length of a rectangle is 13.6cm the perimeter of the rectangle is 37.8cm what is the width?

Write an equation for the perimeter, and solve it. Remember that the perimeter is the sum of all four sides.

Write a C program to find the area and perimeter of you square ii rectangle?

#include<stdio.h> void main() { float length, breadth, area, perimeter; printf("Enter the length & breadth of a Rectangle\n(length breadth): "); scanf("%f %f",&length,&breadth); area=length*breadth; perimeter=2*(length+breadth); printf(" Area of the Rectangle=%0.3f\n",area); printf("Perimeter of the Rectangle=%0.3f\n",perimeter); printf("(Press ENTER to exit.)"); getch(); printf("\n"); }

What is the area of a rectangle is the length is 16 and the primeter is 56?

The area of rectangle is : 896.0

How to Write an expression for the perimeter of a rectangle with a sides of 3x and 8y?

The perimeter of a rectangle is the sum of the four sides.

How do you write an expression for perimeter of a rectangle that's length is 2x-7 width is x and the diagonal is 3x?


How do you write the perimeter of a rectangle in sentence form?

The perimeter of a rectangle, like the perimeter of any closed two-dimensional figure, is the distance around it. The perimeter of the rectangle is the sum of two lengths plus two widths.

Write the perimeter of a rectangle?


Write a program that prompts the user to input the length and width of a rectangle and then prints the rectangle's area and perimeter?

PRINT "Give me the rectangle's length.": Input L PRINT "Give me the rectangle's width.": Input W PRINT "The rectangle's area is "; L x W PRINT "The rectangle's perimeter is "; 2 x (L + W) PRINT "You've been a great audience. I'm here til Thursday. Don't forget to tip your waiter. Have a nice day."

Write statements as you can about a rectangle?

Rectangles have 4 sides Rectangles have 4 90 degree angles A rectangle's area can be found by multiplying it's length by it's height. A rectangle's perimeter can be found by adding all of it's sides together.

What is the area of a rectangle that has a perimeter of 61.18 cm and a diagonal of 226.1 mm showing key stages of work?

The area of rectangle is : 13832.797999999999

Write a statement that does not represent a linear function?

The area of a rectangle with a width of x units and a length of (x + 3) units

Write a polynomial for the perimeter?

The perimeter of a polygon is simply the sum of the lengths of its sides. There is no polynomial that expresses that for all polygons, but the perimeter of a rectangle is P=2(L+H) where P is the perimeter, L is the length, and H is the height.