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No. the factors may be both even but only one of them needs to be.

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Q: If the product of 2 numbers is even do the 2 factors have to be even?
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Why is the product of an even number and any other number always even?

When you multiply numbers together, the factors of the product are the factors of all of the multiplicands, and every even number includes at least one factor of 2.

Why is the product of two even numbers even?

An even number is any number that has '2' as a factor.When you multiply two numbers, you multiply all the factors of both of them.If '2' was a factor of either number, or of both, then it's a factor of their product,and the product must therefore be an even number.

What is the product of all of the even factors of 10?

The factors of 10 are 1, 2, 5, and 10. The even factors of 10 are 2 and 10. The product of the even factors of 10 is 20.

What is the result of product of even numbers and odd numbers?

If you multiply one even number by one odd number, the result is always even. In general, if you multiply several numbers, and at least one of the numbers is even, the product is always even. This is because "even" means "multiple of 2", and if one of the factors contains a 2 as a factor, so will the product.

What are numbers that have 2 4 8 factors?

Numbers that have 2 factors are prime numbers; Numbers that have 4 factors are either: * the cube of a prime; or * the product of two different primes; Numbers that have 8 factors are either: * a prime to the power 7; * the product of a prime cubed and different prime; * the product of three different primes.

What is 105 as a product of prime factors starting with 2?

3 x 5 x 7 = 105 Odd numbers don't have even factors.

Is even number times even number always even?

Yes, it is. Any whole number times an even number will be even. This is because whole numbers can be represented as the product of their prime factors. Every even number contains 2 as a prime factor (thereby excluding all even numbers above 2 from being prime.) Additionally, the product of any two numbers is equal to the product of their prime factors. This means that the result of multiplying an even number by a whole number will always have a prime factor of 2, making it an even number.

What is just 2 numbers are multipled to get a product?


What is the 2 factors of even numbers?

it is the integers of even numbers which divide all the even numbers

Which numbers are factors of all even numbers?

1 and 2 are factors of all even numbers.

Is the product of 2 prime numbers always even?

No, the product of 2 prime numbers is not always even. If one of the prime numbers is 2, then the product will be even. However, if both prime numbers are odd, then the product will be odd.

Which Two factors will always go into Even numbers?

1 and 2 are factors of all even numbers.