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it is the integers of even numbers which divide all the even numbers

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Q: What is the 2 factors of even numbers?
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Which Two factors will always go into Even numbers?

1 and 2 are factors of all even numbers.

If the product of 2 numbers is even do the 2 factors have to be even?

No. the factors may be both even but only one of them needs to be.

What numbers always have 2 as one of their factors?

even numbers

Which numbers are the factors of all even numbers?

1 and 2

Can you explain why all even numbers have 2 as one of their factors?

That is how even numbers are defined!

Which numbers less than 100 have even proper factors?

All even numbers greater than 2 have even proper factors, since they all have 2 as a proper factor.

How are odd and even numbers are related to their factors?

Even numbers must have 2 amongst their factors; they may have other even numbers amongst their factors. Odd numbers must not; every factor of an odd number must be odd.

What number has factors of 2?

All even numbers.

Are the greatest common factors of 2 even numbers awlways even?

yes because even numbers only go into 2 4 6.....

Do all even numbers have two factors and why?

Every number except the number 1 has at least two factors, 1 and the number itself. Prime numbers have exactly two factors and composite numbers have more than two factors. All even numbers except the number 2 are composite numbers and have more than two factors. The number 2 is prime and its only factors are 1 and 2.

What is the meaning of even and odd factors?

All nonzero numbers have factors. Some factors are even numbers, some factors are odd numbers.

Are all even numbers composite why?

Not all even numbers are composite. Take 2 for example; its an even number but it only has 2 factors; 1 and itself.

Are every even number has at least two factors?

Every even number but 2. Even numbers have 2 as a factor (by definition), so higher even numbers can be separated into two factors, 2 and some other number. For example, 6 = 2 x 3.

Why are all the prime numbers are odd numbers?

All prime numbers are not odd numbers. 2 is an even prime number, and it is the only even prime number because all other even numbers have 2 as one of their factors.

What are the prime and even numbers?

The only even number that is prime is 2. No other even numbers can be prime because 2 is a factor of them. Prime numbers can have only two factors: 1 and itself.

Do all factors of even numbers are even?

No. For example, the factors of 6 are 1, 2, 3, and 6. Two of these are even, the others are odd.

Why can even numbers be prime numbers (apart from two)?

Apart from 2 all even numbers are composite numbers because they have more than two factors.

Are even numbers composite numbers?

All even numbers greater than 2 are composite because they are divisible by 2 and thus have at least three factors. The number 2, itself, is a prime number because it has only two factors: 1 and itself.

Can 2 numbers have no common factors?

No. All numbers have a common factor of 1, even if there are no others.

Do all even numbers have as a factors?

do you mean " what does all even numbers have as factors?"? then the number two.

What are numbers that have 2 factors?

Numbers that have only 2 factors are prime numbers

What are two examples of a type of number that has an odd number factor?

There are square numbers (numbers which are a square of an integer), such as 4. It's factors, listed are 1, 2, and 4. All square numbers have an odd number of factors. Then there's 1, which has only 1 factor: 1. All other numbers have an even number of factors. Prime numbers will have only 2 factors (2 is even).

What two number are factors of all even numbers?

1 and 2

What even numbers are factors of 12?

2, 4, 6, 12

What kind of numbers only have even factors?

even numbers