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circumference is diameter times 3.14 diameter is raidus times 2 1 times 2 equals 2 3.14 times 2 equals 6.28 circimference is6.28

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Q: If the raidus is 1cm what is the circumference?
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How do you find raidus of earth?

Divide the circumference of the earth by (2x3.14) and that's roughly the answer.

What is the circumference of a circle that has a 8.6mm raidus?

circumference is pi times diameter (8.6 +8.6) x 3.1415926=___mm round off answer as needed

How do you find the raidus of a cylinder knowing the height and corcumfrence?

You don't even need the height.The radius is just Circumference/2 pi

What does square the raidus mean?

raidus means a scientific answer and is to be measured for something for example the earth it is 6400km raidus

How do you find the circumference if you are given the raidus?

You would multiply the radius by two then multiply by pi which would be 3.14. Here would be the formula: C=pi2r C=circumference pi=3.14 when you round r=radius

The diameter is 1cm whats the circumference?

The circumference of a circle with a diameter of 1 cm would be 0.31. This is used a lot in math.

What is the raidus of a circle?

the raidus of a circle is the distance from the middle of a circle to any point.

What is the circumference of a centermeter circle?

The relationship of a circles circumference to it's diameter is Pi x diameter. So a 1cm diameter circle will have a circumference of 3.142 cm to the third d.p.

What is the raidus of earth?

6378.1 kilometres. Which is 3969 miles.

What is the minimum leathal raidus of a uxo?

300 feet

What is the circumference of the home button on an iPhone?

Let D be the Diameter and C be the circumference.C=D X π (pi, about 3.14)C=1cm X 3.14C=3.14cmThe circumference of the home button on an iPhone is 3.14cm.

What is the area of a circle with a raidus of 4?

A = 50.265 square units.