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69168 feet

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Q: If the road is 13.1 miles long how many feet long is it?
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How many miles long is the Road America track?

Road America's road course track is 4.048 miles and its Karting road course is 0.8 miles long.

How many road miles from denver co to Long Beach ca?

About 1,030 road miles.

How many road miles between bedford Ohio and long beach California?

About 2,370 road miles.

How many feet long are the yellow stripes in the middle of the road?

6 feet

How many miles long was the silk road?

About 4,000 miles :) Happy to help

How many road miles from London to Bangkok?

London to Bangkokhow many road miles from London to Bangkok and roughly how long will it take on a BMW 1150 GS adventure

How many driving miles is it between Salt Lake City and long beach?

About 702 road miles.

How many miles is it between San Jose CA and Long Beach CA?

About 365 road miles.

How long from wolverhampton to Nottingham in road miles?

The distance is about 63.9 road miles.

How many feet to stop on wet road?

At 20 miles per hour it takes about 60 feet to stop on wet pavement. At sixty miles per hour it takes at least 300 feet to stop.

How many driving miles form berrien springs mi to long lake road Berrien Springs MI?

The distance between Berrien Springs and Long Lake Road in Berrien Springs is approximately 6 miles by road.

How may miles of road make up the roman road?

the Roman road is 53,000 miles long