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False. A normalized distribution curve (do not confuse normalized with normal), by definition, has an area under the curve of exactly 1. That is because the probability of all possible events is also always exactly 1. The shape of the curve does not matter.

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Q: If the tails of the normal distribution curve are infinitely long. Is it True or False that the total area under the curve is also infinite?
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How the symmetric distribution is always normal?

The statement is false. The binomial distribution (discrete) or uniform distribution (discrete or continuous) are symmetrical but they are not normal. There are others.

True or False are the mean median and mode all equal for a normal distribution?

True. You can find many references including wikipedia on the Normal distribution on the internet.

Is the middle spread that is the middle 50 percent of the normal distribution is equal to one standard deviation?


A ray extends infinitely in both directions true or false?


The bell curve is a normal distribution. It's a distribution. 1.false 2.symmetrical 3.lopsided 4.accurate?

symmetrical :)i do believe!hope this helps!Pixiex

True or False If the population distribution is unknown in most cases the sampling distribution of the mean can be approximated by the normal dist. if the samples contain at least 30 observations.?


A ray has an infinite number of endpoints true or false?


The F-distribution is symetrical around mean zero True or False?

The F-distribution is either zero or positive, so there are no negative values for F. This feature of the F-distribution is similar to the chi-square distribution. The F-distribution is skewed to the right. Thus this probability distribution is nonsymmetrical.

A ray has an infinite number of endpoints?


Is there a finite number of factors and infinite number of multiples true or false?

False .

Is it true or false that The area under a normal distribution curve is always positive even if the z value is negative?

It is true. Because the normal distribution is above the horizontal axis for all values, the area under it is a positive quantity no matter the z value.

True or False A sampling distribution is a probability distribution for a statistic?

The statement is true that a sampling distribution is a probability distribution for a statistic.

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