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Not necessarily.

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Q: If you double the number will the number of factors double too?
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What happens to the number if you double one of the its prime factors?

The number itself becomes double.

How do you know you found all factors to a number?

How to know that you found all the factors for example my teacher taught me that when u reach a double diget number that is all the factors. ( 6x6)-~ double diget number

What is the only number between 1 and 100 that has too few factors to be a prime number?

1 is the only number between 1 and 100 that has too few factors to be a prime number.

What is the only number that has too few factors to be prime number?


What are the factors that have 11 in it?

Any number with 11 in it is a factor: it is a factor of double the number, for example.

What are the factors of 4655851200?

The number 4,655,851,200 has 2,016 factors; too many to list here.

What number has 6 factors is a multiple of 4 and is less than 1?

The concept of the number of factors is appropriate only with positive integers. Otherwise, if p is a factor of the given number n, do you also count -p? That would double the number of factors. So are there 3 factors or 6?

Why a number cannot be both a prime number and a square number.?

Square numbers have too many factors to be prime.

What is an abundant number?

There are three equivalent definitions for an abundant number.A number is abundant if:the sum of all its factors (including itself) is more than double the number;the sum of all factors of the number which are smaller than the number, must be more than the number;the sum of all proper factors of the number must be at least as large as the number.

What number below 10000 has the most factors?

I'm not too sure but i think that 1 and 10 are both factors. 100 as well.

What are the factors of 1920 that add up too 20?

Since 19 is a prime number, it only has two factors - 1 and 19.

Is it easier to list the factors of each number and compare?

Sometimes, if there aren't too many.