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To halve a fraction, double the denominator (the bottom number). To double a fraction, double the numerator (the top number).

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2008-01-28 21:42:17
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Q: How do you half and double fractions?
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How could you use the relationship between the numerator and denominator of fractions equivalent to one-half to determine if a fraction is equal to one-half?

The denominator must be double the numerator.

Where is are fractions used?

Well I could ask you... is the glass half full, or half empty? This question uses fractions.

How do you write equivalent mixed fractions?

Change them to improper fractions and double them.

What is a half in fractions?


How could you use the relationship between the numerator and denominator of fractions equivalent to one half to determine if a fraction is less than one half?

If the denominator is more than double the numerator, then the fraction is less than a half.

How does the value of a fraction change if you double the denominator?

If you double the denominator of any fraction, the number of unit fractions stays the same but each unit fraction is half as big. So the value of the fraction is half what it was when you double the denominator. 2×(5/8)=(2×5)/8=10/8

What is a half equvilent to in fractions?


What divide groups in half?

fractions i think

Examples of fractions used in everyday life?

We use fractions in the grocery we use fractions in the grocery shops like half a dozen

How much is half plus half?

Well if you can use half,quaters,and more fractions The awnser to half + half is 1

What is equal to 1 half Fractions?

One half is written 1/2 as a fraction. Other fractions equal to a half are 2/4, 3/6, 4/8 and many more.

What is one half equal to in fractions?

It is 1/2

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