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If linear feet is measured by the standard 12 inch scale, then: * 1 linear foot = 12 inches * 24 linear feet = 288 inches If you have 13 inch tile then: * 288 inches / 13 inches = 22.15 tiles per row.

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Q: If you had 24 linear feet how many 13 inch bull nose tile will you need?
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Ihave a fence 97 ft by 8 ft how many linear feet?

In linear feet, 97 feet by 8 feet, is about 145.5. Linear feet is the equivalent of a 12 inch ruler.

If i have 22 linear ft how many 24 inch bull nose tile will i need?

The answer will depend on the width of the bull nose tiles.

How many square inch in a linear inch?

An inch and a linear inch are the same measurement. A linear inch is merely used to remove confusion between a linear inch, a square inch, and a cubic inch.

8 foot light bulb and it is 1 inch wide how many linear feet?

Eight feet

How many linear feet in a 40 inch x 48 inch pallet?


How many linfeet in 200square feet?

As stated the question has no numerical answer. There are 200 linear fee of a 1 foot wide strip, 400 linear feet of a 6-inch wide strip, 800 linear feet of a 3-inch wide strip, etc. The formula is L = S x W where L=# of linear feet, S=#of square feet, and W=the reciprocal of the strip width in feet.

How many sq ft are in 3556 linear feet?

this problem cannot be answered as Sq feet and linear ft are two separate measurements. Sq ft measure area, and linear feet measure distance. It is like asking how many acres are in an inch.

How many 18 inch tiles to cover 360 linear feet of floor space?


Need to cover 2000 square feet with 6 inch wide boards how many lineal feet do you need?

4,000 linear feet.

How many square feet of floor will 700 linear feet of 7 inch wide flooring cover?

Approximately 408.33 square feet.

How many linear feet in an inch?

0.083333333333333333333333333333333 A LINEAR FOOT is simply the length of the object since yours is 1 inch we need to convert that to a foot so we divide by 12. Hope that helps Thanks

How many square feet of flooring will 700 linear feet of 7 inch wide wood cover?

It will cover an area of approximately 408.33 square feet.