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If you got 16 questions correct on a test, and got 80 percent, then there are a total of 16 / (80/100) = 16/0.8 = 20 questions on the test.

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Q: If you have 16 questions on a test got 80 how many did you missed?
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If you had 28 questions on a test and you got a 90 how many did you missed?

You missed 3 questions.

If you missed 7 questions on a test and made 83 percent on the test how many questions where there?

41 questions (if you got 83 percent, then that means you got 34 questions right)

On a recent test Sterling got 2 questions correct for every 3 questions he missed If the test had a total of 80 questions how many questions did sterling answer correctly on the test?


You got a 16 out of 20 on your test what's my grade?

It would be 80. You missed 20% of the 20 questions: you missed 4 questions.

How many questions did you miss out of 43 if you got 58 percent on the test?

You might not have missed any - you just got nearly half of them wrong.

How many questions did you miss if you got a 76 percent on a 75 question test?

If every question was worth the same credit, you missed 18 of them.

What percentage is 21 missed from test of 75 questions?

You passed. You got like 54 questions right that's over 50%

How many questions do you miss if you get a 77 percent on a 60 question test?

If you're awarded 1 mark per question, and you got 77%, you missed roughly 25% of the questions, which is 15

If Tom got 70 percent of the questions correct on a music test if he got 7 questions correct how many questions were on the test?

10 questions

The test each question in Part A is worth 2 points and each question in part B is worth 5 points Sam got all questions in part A correct and her test score was 85 How many part B questions were missed?


How many questions did you miss out of 32 if you got an 82 percent on the test?

My guess is that it wasn't a maths test. 32 X 0.82=26.24 so you missed 6. Your teacher gave you an extra mark as that comes to 81%.

Why was igor unhappy with his spelling test even though he got everything right?

Igor was unhappy because on his test he spelled "everything" right, but got all of the questions wrong.