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Hold left + down + attack or right + down + attack it worked for me it might take a few tries to get it but it works.

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Q: In Megaman zero 2 how do you get ultimate form?
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Megaman zero 2 gameshark codes?

i will be the hero

Where do you download cyber elves in Megaman zero 2?

ask ciel about cyber elfs twice

What is Megaman starforce 2?

Megaman Starforce 2 is basically the new version of Megaman Starforce.

What does the Tribe King form from Megaman starforce 2 look like?

click on the links below to find out the different tribe forms of Megaman

How do you get to undernet 3 in Megaman battle network 6?

i dont think there is 1. the is 1, 2 and zero. but then its the graveyard

What is the best megaman game?

megaman 2

Megaman zero rocket fighter for copy x?

you need to compleate Charpter 4 mission 2 to unlock him, and the password to skip there is: 1hr9

Will there ever be a Megaman zx 2?

yes there all ready is a megaman zx 2 it is called megaman zx advent go look for yourself

Who is Megaman?

Megaman was a robot designed by Dr. Light to help out as his lab assistant. Called Rock, he became Rockman (in Japan, Megaman in the U.S.) when Dr. Wily created eight robots of his own and tried to take over the world with them, forcing Megaman to step in and stop him. Dr. Light also made Protoman, Megaman's brother, and Roll, his sister. Megaman has several incarnations such as Megaman Battlenetwork, where Megaman is a NetNavigator created by Dr. Hikari in an alternate universe where instead of robots, the Internet became prevalent. Megaman Zero worked along side Megaman X, they both share the same story line about reploids trying to take over the world and destroy humans. Megaman ZX is about a hundred years after Megaman Zero and X, which in turn were about a hundred years after the original Megaman. It's about the reploids who fought with Megaman Zero and X whose bodies turned to biometals, and the person who uses the biometal will have the power of that warrior. Megaman Starforce is a new series about a kid geo stelar who combines with the fmian omexis and becomes Megaman. They are coming out with Megaman ZX Advent and Megaman Starforce 2 Thunder Berserker, Green Shinobi, and Fire Dinosaur; the game has awesome graphics and a new twist. If you want to see it go to the link below. Megaman Legends depicts Megaman as a sort of treasure hunter for power sources who gets caught up in an interplanetary plot to destroy the Earth. Be warned: the link is in Japanese.

Did the original x die in Megaman zero?

Megaman X did not "die" per se, but was split into five cyber-elves from the shock of sealing the Dark Elf (this event ended the "Elf Wars", which wiped out 90% of the humans and 60% of the reploids). Four of the cyber-elves were made into the four guardians: Fighting Fefnir, Fairy Leviathan, Sage Harpuia and Hidden Phantom. The last remaining cyber-elf was the true conscience of Megaman X. He helped Zero from time to time throughout Megaman Zero 1, 2 and 3. Afterwards, he officially retired to cyberspace.

What games is Sonia Strumm is in Megaman?

megaman starforce 1 2 and 3

Where to get Life aura chip in Megaman battle network 6?

Get to undernet zero via undernet 2. a net merchant will be selling it for around 25000z

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