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angle P

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Q: In the triangle mnp what is the angle included by the sides mp and pn?
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What is the side included between the angles M and N of triangle MNP?

The side is MN although it may be denoted by p (lower case).

You are given that triangle mnp triangle xyz line mp equals 8cm line xz equals 12cm the perimeter of triangle xyz equals 80cm what would be the perimeter of triangle mnp?

It is necessary to mention that the two triangles are similar.Let the perimeter of the triangle MNP be x cm.Since the triangles XYZ and MNP are similar triangles,8/12 = x/80 (multiply both sides by 80)640/12 = x53.3333... = x53 3/9 = x53 1/3 = xThus, the perimeter of the triangle MNP is 53 1/3 cm.

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Answe If EFG HJK, and HJK MNP, then EFG MNP

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In triangle mnp the measure of angle m is 24 the measure of angle n is five times the measure of angle p find the measure of angle n?

130 Degrees180-24=156So you know that the sum of all the angles is 180, so the sum of the other two angles is 156. You Know that angle p is equal to some number x. And you know the angle n is five times some number x or 5x. You know the sum of the two angles numerically and algebraically.6x=156x=26n=5xn=5(26)n=130

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