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Integration for inverse tangent of square x

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Q: Integration of square of tangent inverse x?
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What is inverse tangent?

It is a function which maps the tangent ratio - any real value - to an angle in the range (-pi/2, pi/2) radians. Or (-90, 90) degrees.If tan(x) = y then x is the inverse tangent of y.It is also known as "arc tangent", and spreadsheets, such as Excel, use "atan" for this function.Warning:1/tangent = cotangent is the reciprocal, NOT the inverse.

What is the inverse function of xx?

XX or X*X, can be written as X squared. The inverse of a function "sort of cancels it out". I know the inverse of a square is the square root. Since we need the inverse of X squared, it's inverse is the square root of X. sqrt(x)

What is the derivative of inverse tangent of x?

d/dx[ tan-1(x) ] = 1/(1 + x2)

What is the inverse of a square number?

The inverse of x2 is x-2.

Integration of square root tan x dx?

for solving this ..the first thing to do is substitute tanx=t^2 then x=tan inverse t^2 then solve the integral..

What is the integral of the tangent of x with respect to x?

∫ tan(x) dx = -ln(cos(x)) + C C is the constant of integration.

What is the integral of the hyperbolic tangent of x with respect to x?

∫ tahh(x) dx = ln(cosh(x)) + C C is the constant of integration.

What is integration of x square times exponential of x square?

Your question does not make sense.

What is the function which outputs an angle when a tangent value is input?

The inverse tangent, also called the arc-tangent.

How do you find the polar form of 3 - 3?

For the modulus, first square both coordinates. Then add the results and square-root that sum. For the angle, divide the y-coordinate by the x-coordinate, then find the inverse tangent (tan-1) of that number.

What is it called when you do the opposite operation such as add and substract?

It is called the "inverse" operation. (*The term inverse is specifically used for multiplication and division, where the inverse of x is 1/x.) Inverse operations: addition / subtraction multiplication/ division square / square root cube / cube root

The inverse of the square root of x plus 4?

y = sqrt(x) +4 y-4 = sqrt(x) (y-4)2 = x So the inverse is (x-4)2

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