Is -17 a real number

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A real number is a number that does not have an imaginary component. There is no imaginary component in -17, so it is a real number.

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Yes because it is a counting number

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Q: Is -17 a real number
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How do you classify the square root of 17?

As a real number.

What can be muitlpyed by 17?

Any real number can be multiplied by 17. If you were to ask, "What numbers divide evenly into 17?", then the answer is "1" and "17".

What are 5 connections between the number 17 and the real world?

the number seventeen has a wide range of connection to the real world like how Albert Einstien like it.

The square root of -17 is what kind of number?

An "imaginary" number. Those number are called imaginary for historical reasons, but they have very "real" practical applications. The result is written as root(17)i (replace root(17) with the square root symbol).

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What is the made up name for 17 in spanish?

There is no "made up name" for 17 in Spanish; there's only the real Spanish name of the number, which is diecisiete.

Which subsets of real number does 17 belong in?

Any subset which will have it! It is in {17}or {-3, pi, 17, sqrt(37/6)}or {45, bananas, France, cold}or all whole numbers between -43 and 53, or multiples of 17, or prime numbers, or counting numbers, or integers, or rational numbers, or real numbers.

What is a real number examples?

1.5, pi, sqrt(17)-5, 6 7/9 are all examples.

What is the answer for the prime number 17?

17 is a prime number because 17 * 1 = 17.

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1 and 17 (17 is a prime number).

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