Is 128MB bigger than 2Gb

Updated: 4/28/2022
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2GB is 2048MB as such, 2GB is greater than 128MB.

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Q: Is 128MB bigger than 2Gb
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Is 2GB bigger or smaller than 60MB?

2gb are bigger than 60mg xx 2gb are bigger than 60mg xx

What is bigger16MB or 2GB?

2GB are bigger than 16MB.

Is 80gb bigger than 128mb?

Yes 1Gb = 1000Mb

What is bigger 2GB or 31KB?

2GB is much bigger than 31KB 1GB is 100MB and 1MB is 1000KB

Is 1gb bigger than 128mb?

Yes. 1 Gigabyte (GB) has 1,000,000 bytes, whereas 128 Megabytes (MB) has only 128,000 bytes. Therefore, 1 GB memory card is bigger than 128MB card.

Is 8gb bigger than 2gb?

The 8GB is bigger than the 2GB. Also 1GB = 1024MB so 2 =2048mb and 8GB= 8192MB. In conclusion the 8GB is bigger.

What is bigger 256MB card or 2GB card?

2gb... gigabyte is larger than megabytes

What holds more 256mb or 128mb stick?

Well 256 is bigger than 128 so a 256mb stick will hold twice as much data as a 128mb stick.

Is a 2GB stick of memory bigger than a 512MB stick of memory?

Yes, 512MB is 1/4 the size of 2GB.

Which is bigger 128mb or 256mb?

256 ofcourse.

Is 2 GB greater than 13.65 GB?

No, 13.65gb is 11.65gb bigger than 2gb

Which one is better a laptop with 3gb ram and 128mb video card or a laptop with 2gb ram and 512mb video card?

I would suggest you go for the 2gb ram and 512mb vcard. It has more performance. 2gb can run Vista and windows 7, while 128mb vcard you'll have trouble on running on these current systems. 128mb vcard is not worth it for a 3gb RAM nowadays. unless its a ddr3 and supports cuda and other nvidia or ati stuff, which is impossible on today's tech. Also, if need be, you can upgrade the RAM from a 2GB to more. It's harder to upgrade a GPU, and more expensive as well.