Is 17.15 quarter past three on a clock?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Is 17.15 quarter past three on a clock?
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What is quarter to and quarter past mean?

Time on a clock quarter = quarter of an hour = 60/4 = 15 minutes example, quarter to three = 2:45 quarter past three = 3:45 Also half past two in some countries is referred as half to three.

What is quarter past nine in a digital clock?


Quarter past three means?

Quarter past three means :- fifteen minuets past three o'clock, or 3.15

What would quarter past four be in 24 hour clock?

Quarter past four in the morning would be 04:15 hours.Quarter past four in the afternoon would be 16:15 hours.

What is a quarter past 6'o clock?


What is quarter past seven in digital clock time?


What does quarter after 11 mean?

11:15, or 1 quarter hr past 11 o' clock.

What is quarter past 6 in a digital clock?

It is 06:15:00

What is quarter past three in a clock?

Ceather I ndiaidh a Haon Ceathrú i ndiaidh a haon.

How would quarter past four in the afternoon be shown on a twenty -four hour on a digital clock?

Quarter past four in the afternoon is the same as 4:15 pm.On a digital clock it could be shown as 4:15 with a pm indicator or 16:15On a 24 hour clock it would always be shown as 16:15

What does ten to nine mean on a clock?

Ten to nine on a clock means it is ten minutes until it is nine o'clock. Half past ten means it is 10:30, or a half an hour past ten. Quarter past nine/quarter to 9 means it is 9:15/8:45, or 15 minutes after/before nine.

How many times from 2o'clock to 4o'clock do the hands of a clock lie in the same strate line?

Twice, at 10 past 2 and quarter past 3.