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180 seconds is equal to 3 minutes.

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Q: Is 180 seconds greater than 3 minutes or less than or equal to?
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Is seconds greater or less than minute?

Minutes are greater than seconds because 60 seconds equal a minute. A minute is 1/60 of a minute

Is 160 seconds greater or less than 3 minutes?

less, because 3 minutes is 180 seconds (there are 60 seconds in a minute)

Is 4 hour greater less or equal to 400 minutes?


Is 160 seconds greater than 3 minutes?

No, less than.

Is 160 seconds greater 3 minutes than or lessequal?

3 minutes = 3 x 60 = 180 seconds and so 160 seconds is less than 3 minutes

Is 4 hours and 25 minutes greater or less than 250 min 900 seconds?

4 hours and 25 minutes = 265 minutes = 15,900 seconds = 250 minutes, 900 seconds

Is 540sec greater than less than or equal to 8min?

It is greater because 8mins = 480 seconds

What is the comparison operator used for not equal to in Excel?

You can use the Not function or the <> operator, which is the < and the > beside each other. To see if the values in A1 and A2 are not equal to each other, you can type: =A1<>A2 or =Not(A1=A2) In each case they will either give you TRUE if they are not equal or FALSE if they are equal, in the cell that you enter the formula into.

How do you convert 221 seconds into minutes and seconds?

one way to look at itthere are 60 seconds in 1 minute.1 minute = 60 seconds2 minutes = 120 seconds3 minutes = 180 seconds4 minutes = 240 secondsso 221 seconds is between 180 seconds and 240 seconds so 221 seconds is equal or greater to 3 minutes and less than 4 minutesso therefore the answer is 3 minutes plus some secondsif you take 180 from 221 = 41 seconds then the total time is 3 minutes and 41 seconds.answer: 3 minutes and 41 secondsto check 3 minutes is 180 seconds.. then add 41 to 180 = 221

What are the types of proportion?

Less than Less than or equal to Equal to Greater than Greater than or equal to

How many minutes is 1.10?

110 minutes is ten minutes less than two hours. 110 seconds is ten seconds less than two minutes.

Greater than less than equal show the symbols?

> greater than < less than = equal to