Is 23 a polynomial

Updated: 4/28/2022
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23 is a monomial.

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Q: Is 23 a polynomial
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What polynomial has more than three terms?

A polynomial of order 3 (a cubic) or higher can have more than three terms. However, the the following polynomial, even though of order 7, has only 2 terms: x7 - 23.

Is this a polynomial or binomial or trinomial 4x2?

It is a polynomial (monomial). It is a polynomial (monomial). It is a polynomial (monomial). It is a polynomial (monomial).

Y plus 23 a polynomial?

Yes, it is since it is a finite sum and the terms all have non-negative exponents.

How do you answer polynomial?

You can evaluate a polynomial, you can factorise a polynomial, you can solve a polynomial equation. But a polynomial is not a specific question so it cannot be answered.

Is matrix polynomial and polynomial matrix same?

No. A matrix polynomial is an algebraic expression in which the variable is a matrix. A polynomial matrix is a matrix in which each element is a polynomial.

What is the difference between polynomial and non polynomial time complexity?

Polynomial vs non polynomial time complexity

Factor the polynomial expression x2 - 25?


What is a polynomial divided by a polynomial?


Is a log of a polynomial still a polynomial?


How alike the polynomial and non polynomial?

"Non-polynomial" can mean just about anything... How alike it is with the polynomial depends on what specifically you choose to include.

What is the difference in evaluating a polynomial and solving a polynomial?

Evaluating a polynomial is finding the value of the polynomial for a given value of the variable, usually denoted by x. Solving a polynomial equation is finding the value of the variable, x, for which the polynomial equation is true.

If you multiply a linear polynomial by a quadratic one what is the degree of the product polynomial?

It will be a cubic polynomial.