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Smaller... by 40 yards.

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Q: Is 2 mi bigger or smaller than 3500 yd?
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What if the radius is 21 mi?

It will be bigger than if the radius were 20 mi and smaller than if it were 22 mi.

Is Egypt bigger or smaller than Washington state?

Egypt at 385,229 sq mi is much bigger than Washington state, which is 68,139 sq mi.

Is Texas smaller than Georgia?

No, Texas is much bigger than Georgia. Texas is 262,970 sq mi and, Georgia is 58,197 sq mi.

Is Egypt bigger or smaller than BRITAIN?

Egypt is much larger than England. Egypt is 997,739 sq km (385,229 sq mi) while England is 130,410 sq km (50,352 sq mi),

Is Alaska smaller or bigger than Texas if Alaska was within the border of the US?

Alaska is larger than Texas. Alaska is 663267 sq mi, while Texas is 268580 sq mi.

Is Oregon smaller than Minnesota?

No, Oregon is bigger than Minnesota. Oregon 97,073 sq mi (251,419 sq km) Minnesota 86,943 sq mi ( 225,182 sq km)

Is a km bigger or mi?

I'm not sure but I believe a km is bigger than a mi

Is Brooklyn bigger than Barbados?

Yes, Brooklyn is bigger than Barbados in terms of land area and population. Brooklyn is one of the five boroughs of New York City and has a much larger population and area compared to the Caribbean island nation of Barbados.

Is the US bigger or smaller than Antarctica?

the us is roughly 3,794,101 sq mi, antarctica is roughly 5,400,000 sq mi

Is North Korea bigger than Nepal?

No! Nepal is bigger than North Korea. 46,541 mi² North Korea 56,827 mi² Nepal

Is ft bigger than mi?

There is no unit of measurement with the name or abbreviation "mi".

Is the Highland region of Scotland bigger or smaller than the whole of wales?

Smaller- the Highland region is roughly equivalent in size to Northern Ireland. The whole of Scotland is about one third larger than Wales. As a general rule of thumb, Wales is about the same size as Belgium.