Is PbSO4 binary

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no. 1101010010101010010101: binary. bi: 2

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Q: Is PbSO4 binary
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Is PbSO4 a solid or an aqueous solution?

PbSO4 is a solid compound. It is not soluble in water, so it does not readily form an aqueous solution.

What is the molar mass of PbSO4?

The molar mass of PBSO4 = 137.847361 g/mol

A bottle of PbSO4 contains 158.1 g of the compound. How many moles of PbSO4 are in the bottle?

Lead(II) sulphate has the molecular formula of PbSO4. The molecular weight of PbSO4 is 303.3 grams per mole. A sample weight of 158.1 grams corresponds to .5213 moles of PbSO4.

What is the name of the compound PbSO4?

PbSO4 is the chemical formula of lead(II) sulfate.

How do you spell the compound PbSO4?

The compound PbSO4 is lead sulfate, more specifically lead (II) sulfate.

What is the color of PbSO4?

Lead(II) sulfate (PbSO4) is a white solid.

How to balance Pb plus pbo2 plus h2so4 H2O plus pbso4?

To balance the chemical equation Pb + PbO2 + H2SO4 → H2O + PbSO4, start by balancing the Pb atoms on the left side by adding a coefficient of 2 in front of Pb on the left side. Then balance the SO4 atoms by adding a coefficient of 4 in front of H2SO4. The balanced equation is 2Pb + PbO2 + 4H2SO4 → 2H2O + 2PbSO4.

Lead sulfate formula?


Is pbso4 will decompose on heating?

PbSO4 will not decompose upon heating, but it will undergo a phase change from solid to liquid at its melting point of 1170°C.

What is formula for plumbous sulfate?

The formula for plumbous sulfate is PbSO4. It consists of one lead (Pb) ion and one sulfate (SO4) ion.

Chemical formula of lead II sulfate?

Lead has two oxidation states (+4 and +2). As a result, there are two compounds composed of lead and sulfate: lead(IV) sulfate, which is Pb(SO4)2, and lead(II) sulfate, which is PbSO4.

What is the chemical formula of lead sulphate?

The chemical formula of lead sulfate is PbSO4.