Is a 7 sided shape regular or not?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Is a 7 sided shape regular or not?
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What is an 7-sided shape?

A 7-sided shape is a heptagon.If all the sides are of equal length and the angles are all equal then it is known as a regular heptagon.

Is a 7 sided shape equal?

Not always only if its a regular heptagon.

What is a 7-sided polygon with an interior right angle?

The equation for the size of an interior angle of an n-sided regular polygon is (n-2)180/n. When n=7, the interior angle of a regular sided shape would be 5x180/7 or approximately 128.57. The polygon in the question has an interior right angle (90 degree angle) and thus cannot be a regular shape. A 7 sided shape is called a heptagon. Thus, the shape described in the question is an irregular heptagon.

Is a heptagon a 7 sided shape?

Yes, a 7 sided shape is a heptagon.

What is the name of an five sided shape?

A regular 5-sided shape is called a pentagon.

Is a 7 sided polygon regular?

A 7-sided polygons (a heptagon) can be regular or irregular.

What is a 7 sided shape in Canada called?

it is called a seven sided shape in Canada

What shape is a 7 sided shape?

A heptagon is a 7 sided polygon.

Is a nonagon a 7 sided shape?

No, a nonagon is a 9-sided shape.

57 sided shape?

The name for a 57 sided shape is derived by combining the name for a 50 sided shape with the name for a 7 sided shape. A 57 sided shape is called a pentacontaheptagon.

What is the only regular 5 sided shape called?

In 2 dimensions, a regular 5 sided figure is a pentagon. In 3 dimensions, there is no regular sided 5 sided figure. The tetrahedron is a regular 4 sided figure and a cube is a regular 6 sided figure.

Is a pentagon a irregular shape or regular shape?

A 5 sided pentagon can be a regular or an irregular polygon.