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how though
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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: Is a function always a relation and a relation always a function?
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When you can say that function is a relation?

A function is always a relation. On the other hand, not all relations are functions. You can consider a function to be a special type of relation (a relation, with additional restrictions or properties).

Is a function is always a relation?

Yes. Functions are always relations, but relations are not always functions.

Is the relation a function?

Not every relation is a function. But every function is a relation. Function is just a part of relation.

Can the members of the domain be in the members of the range and be a function?

Yes, the domain must correspond to only one member of the range in order to be a function in a member of the domain goes to more than one member of the range it then is a relation and not a function A function is a relation but a relation isnt always a function

Can you have a function that is not a relation?

No, a function must be a relation although a relation need not be a functions.

What is the difference between function and a relation?

what is the difference between function and relation?

When does a relation be a function?

A function is a relation whose mapping is a bijection.

Which of these data sets represents a function?

Does the graph above show a relation, a function, both a relation and a function, or neither a relation nor a function?

Is all relation a function?

Not every relation is a function. A function is type of relation in which every element of its domain maps to only one element in the range. However, every function is a relation.

A relation is a special type of function?

No. A relation is not a special type of function.

How do you determine if a relation is a function?

A relation is a function if every input has a distinct output.

What is the opposite of relation?

The opposite of a relation is a function

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