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So that the arcs constructed are at midpoint of the line segment to be bisected.

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Q: Why does the compass width have to be longer than half when bisecting a segment?
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Does a line segment have width?

no it does not have a width

A line segment has only length and no width true or false?

It is true. A line segment has finite length but no width.

Is a taut piece of thread a point line line segment ray or plane?

None of them since a thread has a finite length and finite width. A point has neither length nor width whereas a line, line segment and ray do not have any width. A plane has infinite length and width. The nearest approximation is a line segment.

Does a segment have no length height width?


A segment has no length height or width?


If a rectangle is 10 meters longer than its width what is its width?

= If a rectangle is 10 meters longer than its width what is its width? =

Does a line segment has only length and no width?


True or false a segment has no length height or width?


How do you show the depth of a line segment?

A line segment has length. That is its only dimension. It does not have any width, or height or depth.

What is made up of points and has no thickness or width?

a line or line-segment

What is a process you would use to create the perpendicular bisector to a segment AB using only an unmarked straightedge and an unmarked compass?

Open the compass to a width greater than half the length of AB.Place the compass point at A.Draw arcs above and below the line AB.Move the compass point to B WITHOUT changing the compass setting.Draw arcs above and below AB to intersect them at X and Y.Join XY.XY is the perpendicular bisector of AB.7. Celebrate the successful completion of the task!

How do you differentiate between length and width?

length is ALWAYS longer than the width

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