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No. An exponential function is not linear. A very easy way to understand what is and what is not a linear function is in the word, "linear function." A linear function, when graphed, must form a straight line.

P.S. The basic formula for any linear function is y=mx+b. No matter what number you put in for the m and b variables, you will always make a linear function.

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Q: Is an exponential function linear
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Is Voltage-Current relationship of diode Linear or Exponential?

It closely approximates an exponential function.

What is the difference between a linear and exponential function?

A linear function grows ( or shrinks) at a constant rate called its slope.An exponential function grows ( or shrinks) at a rate which increases(or decreases)over time. From a practical standpoint linear growth (or shrinkage) is simple and predictable. Exponential growth is essentially out of control and unsustainableand exponential decay soon becomes negligible.if y=az + b then y is a linear function of z. If y=aebz then y is an exponential function of z. If y= acbz then y is still an exponential function of z because you can substitute c=ek (so that k=logec) to give you y=aekbz .

Is the relationship linear or exponential?

is the relationship linear or exponential

Give na example whic isnot exponential function?

f(x) = 2x it is linear function

How does the graph of an exponential function differ from the graph of a linear function and how is the rate of change different?

The graph of a linear function is a line with a constant slope. The graph of an exponential function is a curve with a non-constant slope. The slope of a given curve at a specified point is the derivative evaluated at that point.

Does the rule y equals 4x4x represent a linear or exponential function explain?


What is the difference between linear and exponential function?

The linear function increases by the same number each step. The exponential function increases more each step. (1,1),(2,2),(3,3) etc (1,1).(2,4),(3,9),(4,16), etc see how the second one increases a lot?

A function takes the exponential function's output and returns the exponential function's input?

A __________ function takes the exponential function's output and returns the exponential function's input.

Categorize the graph as linear increasing linear decreasing exponential growth or exponential decay.?

Exponential Decay. hope this will help :)

What is the purpose of semi logarithm?

The y-axis on a semi logarithmic chart is exponential. This way, when an exponential function is depicted in the chart, it will evolve as a linear function. You often do this to proove that the function is exponential and/or as a tool to help you find the equation for the function. For more see:

What is the difference between linear and exponential growth?

Exponential growth

What is the parent function for the exponential function?

The parent function of the exponential function is ax

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