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yes it is really bad for you too much starch is too much fat try atleast one starch a meal or half

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Q: Is eating 2 starches in the same meal bad for you?
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Is eating 400 calories too much?

A lot for one item. One meal......not bad at all.

Is drinking tea or coffee with milk and sugar when I am hungry and only eating one real meal each day and that meal is small and little nutritional value a very bad diet to you?

No, it's an extremely bad diet.

Is it bad cutting your hair after eating?

no! why would it be bad!

Is lying down after eating bulges tummy?

No, not necessarily. But eating a big meal and then lying down could be bad for your health. It might give you heartburn or a stomach (tummy) ache; also, if you always lie down after eating, it could certainly contribute to becoming overweight eventually, because you really should try to burn off some calories after eating a big meal.

Why does your eczma flare up and you fall asleep after eating mcdonalds Big Mac meal?

Many things in mcdonalds food are harmful to your health. Your skin and your brain can be directly affected by what you eat. Putting bad things in your body has side effects like these. After a large meal your body releases insulin and exhauses endorphins which are used when enjoying your meal. In this result your are tired after eating.

During digestion Starches change to?

Complex sugars, in good proportions these are good. However to much can be bad for you.

Should children and adults have the same diets?

No, because they are at different stages of growth

How long should I wait before I can workout after eating my breakfast or lunch?

There aren't any specifics on whether or not working out after eating is good or bad. However there is always a chance of getting cramps if you have a big meal before.

Eating 5 0r 6 small meals a day is for skinny folks not one's born fat?

if you don't know what it feel's like to be fat. don't tell someone eating one meal a day is bad for them

Is eating ice bad for your breathe?

Eating ice is just the same as drinking water. It has no scent, so it cannot affect your breath.

Is it bad manners to read at the table?

Yes, if you are eating with other people. It is also bad manners to talk on the phone (landline or cell) and to text during a shared meal. Mealtime is an important social activity in human society.

Can you get skinny by eating 1 meal a day?

Of course. When you decrease your calorie intake you will lose weight. But do be careful. Severe decrease in calories is very bad for many of your organs and your heart.