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No. Though every perfect square is a rational number, not every rational number is a perfect square.

Example: 2 is a rational number but sqrt(2) is not rational, so 2 is not a perfect square.

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Q: Is every rational number a perfect square?
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What are all numbers than make a square?

All numbers can make a square. Every real number makes a positive real square. Every rational number makes a rational square. Every integer makes a perfect square.

Rational numbers who square roots are whole numbers?

Every integer is a rational number, and some integers are perfect squares. These are the only rational numbers to have an integral square root.

Every positive rational number and its negative pair?

Every positive rational number and its negative are the two square roots of the same positive rational number.

Is 4 divided by 9 not a square number?


Does every positive rational number has a square root?


Is every integer a rational number or is every rational number an integer?

Every integer is a rational number.

What is the relationship of rational numbers and real number?

The set of rational numbers is a subset of the set of real numbers. That means that every rational number is a real number, but not every real number is rational. The square root of 2 is an example of a real number that isn't rational; that is, it can't be expressed as the quotient of two integers.

Is the square root of 7 irrational or rational?

It is a irrational number. Because the square root of every imperfect square is irrational number.

Is Every square root is irrational?

No because as for example the square root of 25 is 5 which is a rational number

Is 225 a square?

Technically, every positive number is a square in the real number system, but I assume you mean perfect square. And yes, 225 is a perfect square. 152 = 225

What number can be increased or decreased by 10 and you will still have a square number?

"Still" implies that the original number is a square number. In that case, the answer is as follows: There is no number such that it is a perfect sqiuare and that the number increased (or decreased) by 10 is also a perfect square. And if you do not limit it to perfect square then every non-negative number is a square with the number that is 10 more also being a square.

Every rational number is a real number?

Yes it is, but not every real number is a rational number