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Yes, an algebraic expression needs no operation and can have multiple variables.

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Q: Is it possible to write an algebraic expression with two variables and no operations?
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What algebraic expression has no like terms and no parentheses?

A polynomial is one possible answer.

What does it you to evaluate an algebraic expression?

To evaluate an algebraic expression means to simplify the expression as much as possible by replacing the variables in an expression with the numerical values given to you.Ex:Example of Evaluating an Algebraic ExpressionTo evaluate the algebraic expression '4.5 + x' for x = 3.2, we need to replace x with 3.2 and then add. 4.5 + x = 4.5 + 3.2=7.7Solved Example on Evaluating an Algebraic ExpressionEvaluate the algebraic expression p + 3q + 2p - 3q, for p = 2 and q = - 5.Choices:A. 12B. 18C. 3D. 6Correct Answer: DSolution:Step 1: p + 3q + 2p - 3q [Original expression.]Step 2: = (p + 2p) + (3q - 3q) [Group the like terms together.]Step 3: = 3p [Solve within the grouping symbols.]Step 4: = 3 x 2 [Substitute 2 for p.]Step 5: = 6 [Multiply.]

What term means to find an equivalent expression with as few terms as possible?

When you have an algebraic expression, the term is "reducing" the expression when you write the expression in fewer terms or smaller multiples.

What do we do with a problem to turn the given information into a elgebratic expression?

You replace the unknown quantities by algebraic variable - representing them by letter(s). Then you work out the mathematical relationships between the variables and and other information that you have. Next, if possible, you solve the equations that you have created. Finally, you replace the variables by the values obtained in the solution.

When can you say that such algebraic expression is in the simplest form?

When you have done all the multiplication and added all the like term possible.

y-3x plus 2?

It is an expression in two variables, x and Y. Since it is an expression, it is not possible to do anything with it - other than change the order of the terms.

What reduces an equation that has two variables to an equation that has one variable. It is then possible to find the solution for this variable.?


Is it possible to write in static variables in main method in java?

Short answer: No. Only class member variables may be declared static. Local variables with a static declaration will throw an error (usually "illegal start of expression").

What is the answer to this question Benjamin made a rectangular sequence using coloured counters. a) Describe the pattern rule in words. b) Write an algebraic expression for the general term of the se?

Benjamin is using counters that are normally circular in shape so he will find it difficult to create rectangular shapes so it follows that an algebraic expression is not possible.

What is the solution for 3x2 plus 4x-10?

The given algebraic expression has no solution because without an equality sign it is not an equation and so therefore finding a solution is not possible.

How many possible solutions are there for these equations x-3y-3-2x 6y12?

None because without an equality sign it can not be considered to be an equation but some sort of an algebraic expression

What is 13 more than 17?

There are two possible answers to your question depending on what mathematics course you are taking. The first answer involves the algebraic translation of "more than" to rewrite the question into an algebraic expression: 17 + 13. The second answer is simply the sum of the two integers: 30.