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no, dividing a number is halving it, multiplying iy by 2 is doubling it

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Q: Is multiplying a number by 2 is the same as halving that number?
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What is it called when you multiply or divide 2 quantities by the same number?

Squaring for multiplying, and if you are dividing by the same number, you get 1

How the multiplication could be reduced to addition doubling halving?

Doubling a number means multiplying it by 2. This is equivalent to adding the number to itself. Halving means dividing by 2. This is equivalent to multiplying by 1/2 (or by 0.5); since this is not an integer, it can't be reduced to addition.

What is the opposite of doubling a number?

The opposite of doubling a number is halving it. This is also known as multiplying by 1/2 or .5 or dividing by 2.

What does havling and doubling mean in math gr5?

Halving means multiplying the number by 0.5 or 1/2 or dividing by 2, they mean the same thing and will produce the same result. Doubling means multiplying the number by 2 (or dividing by 0.5) but remember whatever is easiest, for example: Double 5: 2*5=10 Half 14: 14/2=7

How do you do a 1 Forth times 36?

Multiplying something by a fourth is the same as dividing the number by 4, just like multiplying something by a half is halving the number (or dividing it by 2). So...36/4 = 9You could also write it like this...1/4 x 36/1 = 36/4 = 9

Is taking ½ of a number is the same as dividing by ½?

No, taking ½ of a number is the same as dividing it by 2. Dividing a number by ½ is the same as multiplying it by 2.

When 12 is subtracted from a particular number the result is the same as the result of halving it what is the number?

18-12 = 6 and 12/2 = 6

Multiply a number by 2 to get the same as adding a?

2. multiplying 2 and 2 is the same as adding 2 and 2.

Is dividing a number by 2 the same as multiplying it by half?

Yes, it is!:)

Does dividing a number by half give the same answer as multiplying a number by 2?

N divided by 1/2 is the same as N multiplied by 2.

0.935 divided by 0.5?


How is multiplying by a 3 digit numbers similar to multiplying by a 2 digit number?