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No. For a set to be closed with respect to an operation, the result of applying the operation to any elements of the set also must be in the set. The set of negative numbers is not closed under multiplication because, for example (-1)*(-2)=2. In that example, we multiplied two numbers that were in the set (negative numbers) and the product was not in the set (it is a positive number).

On the other hand, the set of all negative numbers is closed under the operation of addition because the sum of any two negative numbers is a negatoive number.

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Q: Is the set of all negative numbers closed under the operation of multiplication Explain why or why not?
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Is the set of all negative numbers closed under the operation of multiplication explain why or why?

No.When you multiply two negative numbers together, you do not get a negative number as the answer.

Positive and negative what is the final result?

It depends on the operation and values of the positive and negative. For example, in multiplication or division a positive and negative will be a negative. In addition or subtraction, it depends on the absolute value of the original numbers.

What is the operation that give the product of two numbers?


What is the operation that gives the prodect of two numbers?

It is multiplication

What is the operation in math that gives the product of two numbers?


Does division and multiplication involve negatives?

Not by necessity, but multiplication and division aredefined for negative numbers.

What operation are whole numbers closed under?

l think multiplication

What are two numbers being multiplied called?

The numbers and the operation of multiplying is called a multiplication operation. The end result is called a product.

What are the rules of cubing for negative numbers?

the same as all integer exponents, repeated multiplication the indicated number of times. Negative numbers when cubed yield negative numbers.

Is Natural numbers are closed under multiplication?

Yes.natural numbers are closed under multiplication.It means when the operation is done with natural numbers in multiplication the sum of two numbers is always the natural number.

Is the set of negative integers closed under multiplication real numbers?

No, it is not.

Why multiplication of negative numbers equals positive?

When you multiply any number by a negative number you reverse its sign. So positive numbers become negative, and negative numbers become positive. That is the meaning of negative multiplication; it is reversal. This is similar to the way that adding a negative number has the same effect as subtracting a positive number. Negative is the opposite of positive.

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