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It is not even closed. sqrt(3)*sqrt(3) = 3 - which is rational.

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Q: Is the set of irrational numbers a group under the operation of multiplication?
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What group of mathematicians first discovered the irrational numbers?


Of integers real numbers rational or irrational numbers what group includes all others?


What is inverse in math terms?

In maths, the term there are two main meanings to the word inverse - both of which are very closely related. Simple answer in the last three paragraphs. A binary operation, defined on a group of numbers is a rule that tells you how to combine two numbers to get a third. Each binary operations (@) has an identity element, generally denoted by i, such that: x@i = x = i@x for all x in the group. Then, for each element x, there is an element in the group, denoted by x-1 (or the inverse of x) such that x@x-1 = i = x-1@x All this may sound rather technical. So here it is in simpler terms: two everyday examples of binary operation are addition and multiplication. The identity for addition is 0. The identity for multiplication is 1. The inverse of x, under addition, is -x. Under multiplication it is 1/x (not defined for x = 0). These give rise to inverse binary operations: subtraction for addition and division for multiplication.

Which group of sets does the number square root of 30 belong to?

To any set that contains it! It belongs to {sqrt(30)}, or {45, sqrt(30), pi, -3/7}, or irrational numbers, or real numbers between -6 and 6, or all real numbers or complex numbers, etc.

How do you work out the mean of a group of numbers?

By adding up all the numbers in the group and dividing by the number of numbers in the group.

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