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The square root of two, while an irrational number, is indeed a square. It is the same as asking if the square root of 4 (2 X 2) a square (it is). By the way, the square root of two is approximately 1.41421356. Hope that helped!

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Q: Is the square root 2 rectangle a square?
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If the length of a rectangle is 5square root of2and the width is 2 the square root of 3 what is the area of the rectangle?

Their product.

The length of a rectangle is 2 inches more than its width the area of the rectangle is 65 square inches what are the length and width of the rectangle?

Its length is 1+ square root of 66 ft and its width is -1+ square root of 66 ft

What is the value of diagonal of rectangle?

It is square root of (length square + breadth square) (l2 + b2 ) 1/2

What is the diagonal measurement for a square 10' x 16'?

10' x 16' is not a square but a rectangle and the diagonal is square root of (10^2 + 16^2) = square root of (100 + 256) = square root of 356 which is 18.867 feet

What is the square root of a rectangle?

Rectangles don't have square roots.

How do you find the distance from corner to corner on a rectangle?

Diagonal of a rectangle or square = square root of ( length2 + width2 )

How do you find the measures of an golden rectangle?

The golden rectangle ratio: 1:(1 + the square root of 5) over 2 or about 1.618

Is it possible for a rectangle to have irrational side lengths and a rational area?

Yes as for example if the rectangle has sides of square root 8 and square root 2 which are two irrational numbers but when multiplied it gives an area of 4 square units which is a rational number.

What is the square root of the square root of 2?

The square root of the square root of 2

What is the square root of 2 plus the square root of 2 in square root form?

The square root of 2 plus the square root of 2 is equal to twice the square root of 2, therefore the correct answer is: 2(√2) or √8

What is 5 divided by square root of 2?


What are 2 names for a rectangle?

rectangle and a square

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