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The square root of 25 is 5. 5 is a rational number.

A rational number is a whole integer, like 3 or 5 or -8.

Also, 4.333333... is a rational number because we know exactly what the number is. We know the number is 4 and 1/3, nothing more, nothing less.

An irrational number is a number that goes on and on, with no specific pattern. A famous irrational number is pi. 3.14159.......

Another example would be 453.788192742917471085723..........

Or 2.10100100010000100000........

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Neither. It is not a real number but a complex number. Sqrt(-25) = i5 where i is the imaginary number which is the square root of -1.

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Q: Is the square root of -25 rational or irrational number?
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